Phillipsburg Elementary School

Teach, Reach, & Inspire

April/May Bulletin

Monday 7-IEP @ 1:30, Kindergarten Program Practice at Huck Boyd

Tuesday 8-PES Staff Meeting, Kindergarten Program at Huck Boyd 7:00

Wednesday 9-4th Grade Science Assessments, IC Meeting @ 3:30

Thursday 10-4th Grade Science Assessments

Friday 11-IEP @ 7:40

Monday 14-Program Practice, BOE Meeting @ 6:00, KAESP Spring Meeting in Salina

Tuesday 15-Program Practice, Spring Program @ 7:00

Wednesday 16-Title I Visitors, Breakfast Buddies in Cafeteria (Group A)

Thursday 17-4th grade to Recycling Center @ 1:15, Easter Parties in afternoon

Friday 18-NO SCHOOL

Monday 21-


Wednesday 23-Conference (Wichita), Breakfast Buddies in Cafeteria (Group B-Last Visit)

Thursday 24-K-4 Collaboration/K-4 Panther Time

Friday 25-Kindergarten Round-Up, 1st Grade Hospital Tours

Monday 28-Conference (Manhattan)

Tuesday 29-2nd Grade AIMSWEB

Wednesday 30-2nd & 3rd Ag Safety Day 9:15, 1st Grade AIMSWEB, Breakfast Buddies in Cafeteria (Group A-Last Visit)

Thursday 1-Kindergarten AIMSWEB

Friday 2-Kindergarten AIMSWEB

Monday 5-

Tuesday 6-Rocket Launch K-4

Wednesday 7-3rd Grade Field Trip to Hays

Thursday 8-4th Grade Field Trip to Hays

Friday 9-2nd Grade to Fort Bissell, 1st Grade Author's Tea

Monday 12-4th Grade to Fort Bissell & Park

Tuesday 13-

Wednesday 14-Kindergarten to Park 10:00, 1st to City Library, 4th Grade MS Orientation 10:00, Awards Assembly for 2-4th grade @ 8:30 in the gym, PM Preschool class @ CIty Park

Thursday 15-AM Preschool class to park @ 9:30, PES Olympics (details to follow)

Friday 16-Last Day of School!

Congratulations to the Panthers of the Month!