AMS Library News

What's New in 2015-2016


A lot has changed in the library, from the new catalog interface to our new Maker Space. But what hasn't changed is our mission: to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of technology and information by providing access to information resources and literature, and by teaching 21st century skills that will empower them to create positive, global change. That means we're here to help with whatever you need.

The Library Website

This has been a labor of love for me for the past year, and it's finally mostly finished (I still have some web links to add). The best way to get information about using the library, student visits, co-teaching, resources, ebooks, volunteering, the upcoming book fair, and updates on the library blog (soon with student bloggers!) is to bookmark this site and start here when you need library things. It's also the host page for research pathfinders, which makes them easy to link from anywhere - Edmodo, Blackboard, the Goodies drive, a SMART notebook, a Word document, another website, your blog, a QR code... it's just easy.

You can also find links to request forms for library reservations, technology, and print or digital resources, and information on our school's research best practices. Get over there! Go now! Check it out!

Here's the link to the new library catalog:


Use one login to access our 400+ ebooks & downloadable audiobooks through Annapolis Middle School's account. MackinVIA also allows users to access almost all of our online databases using only their MackinVIA login. You already have one!
To log into MackinVIA:
  • Type in Annapolis Middle School (or pick from the drop-down). If you're not at a school, you will need to log in to view our collection. Otherwise you'll log in when you check out your books.
  • ID: Student ID or AACPS Employee ID (6 digits)
  • PW: The last 4 digits of your Student or Employee ID

MackinVIA is also an app available for any device that uses them. So on a PC you can use the in-browser reader, and on a Mac or mobile device you can use the app.

Virtual Professional Library or

The Digital Media and Learning Services department has purchased about 450 ebooks on professional development topics. We also have access to online databases teachers can use for research. You can get to these the same way you'd get to our school's MackinVIA library, but when you pick or type your school, pick or type Virtual Professional Library.


When you're planning for research, please remember:
  • Use EasyBib to easily create & save bibliographies online! Students in 7th and 8th grade already have logins, and 6th graders will create them during science fair research. If you're unfamiliar with EasyBib, they have wonderful tutorials here or I'm happy to give you a guided tour.
  • This year's EasyBib coupon code... is in the email with the link to this newsletter. I can't put it here because this newsletter is online.
  • Speaking of legalities, please make sure students are using ImageQuest to find images for projects, and not a Google search! Images on the Web are copyrighted & can only be reused with permission!
  • Hey, partner with your librarian! I teach research skills! For more on that, visit the Teaching & Learning page on the website.

Maker Space

Still under construction, but coming soon! The Maker Space includes craft supplies of all kinds, and we have some cool computing and electronic project supplies as well.

Students will be able to use the Maker Space when the library is open and there are two adults present. They will first need to submit a project plan. We have a growing library of ideas & samples, but we also encourage experimentation and creativity!

Oh, and yes, it's for grown-ups too!

2015-2016 Black-Eyed Susan Awards

Who will win? These are just a few of the great Black-Eyed Susan nominees for 2015-2016! We have all of them in the library and many on MackinVIA as ebooks.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the award, keep an eye on those video announcements or head over to the library website's Black-Eyed Susan page to read more!