Winning the Lottery?

good or bad?

Is winning money always a good thing? Studies have recently shown that those who win the lottery normally spend three-fourths of the money between the first year of winning it. Which lead to bankruptcy, for that reason alone, the lottery should be banned.
Lottery winners' lives ruined

To the ones who don't win..

  • People with no money are the ones buying them.
  • Lottery tickets put a tax on poor people

For the ones that do win..

  • Affects the ones who do win as well
  • Winners blow money within a short period of time
  • Leads to financial problems
  • Leads to domestic problems
  • People can trick you into court

Truth about the lottery

What they think

  • Helps with financial problems
  • Ex: pay off bills
What really happens

  • Buying superficial things
  • Ex: expensive cars, mansion, ect.
  • People don't think about paying off things

What should you do?

  • Stop buying them
  • Lowering the winning amount