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Jordan is a country located in the Middle East. It's has a population of 5,795,000. it's capital is Ammen and its area is 89,342 square kilometers

Jordan's rich silt.

Silt is rich, fertile soil used for planting good crops. Jordan's land has much of this soil where plants can grow abundantly. Jordan's rich soil has helped the to become good producers of apples and tomatoes.

Jordan's new aquifer.

An aquifer is an underground layer of water that can be extracted by a water well. This aquifer helps many people every day. This aquifer contains fresh water that feeds the live stock water the crops and quenches the peoples thirst.

Jordan's big neighbor

Turkey a little larger than Texas has unique location. It bridges the continents of Europe and Asia. The Bosporus, The Sea of Marmara, and Dardanelles, three important water ways, separate the Asian and European parts of Turkey. Turkey plays such an important role in Jordan. They frequently export goods to one another.

Jordan's land

Jordan stretches from the fertile Jordan river valley in the west to dry, rugged country in the East. The irrigated farmlands in the Jordan river valley are home to farmers who grow wheat, fruits, and vegetables. Jordan's desert area is home to tent dwelling bedouins who raise livestock.

How Jordan Became Jordan

During the early 1900's, the ottoman Empire ruled this area. After their defeat the British set up a territory there that they called Jordan. It gained independence in 1946.

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