By: Victoria Erwin

About me

My name is Victoria Erwin. I am from Micronesia. I was born in Saipan, was raised majority of my years in Guam, and have lived in Hawaii shortly after for a few years. Currently, I am in Salt Lake City, Utah for about two years now. English is my third language. I am happily married and have three children. My hobbies includes playing the ukulele, hula dancing, swimming, and playing volleyball.


I have no professional experiences with child development, however, I have personal experience as a mother. With my three children, I am able to understand that each of them are different learners, have their own strengths and weaknesses in regards to their developmental domains, and each have different personalities.
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Professional Aspirations

My career aspiration is to become an early childhood educator, more in the preschool/kindergarten level. I love working with young children!


What I hope to learn

What I hope to learn from this course is to understand child development and how it will be beneficial for me as a future educator.