Your Language Course Experts

We help you find the best language course for your purpose

We know how tiring the search for a good language school can be. We help you find the right destination, the right school and the right course for your purpose.

Trav-A-Ling is an independent agency. Our goal is to spare you the hassle of a time-consuming search of the internet and reading through the websites of loads and loads of language schools.

We do not charge a booking fee. With us you pay the same price you would when booking directly with a language school.

What Exactly Can We Provide?

  • comprehensive overview of language schools
  • independent reviews of the language schools
  • qualified guidance through the different course options
  • well-fitted recommendations of the right course location for you
  • straightforward booking support

Who Are We?

The Trav-A-Ling team is build of a couple of people with a long record of different experiences with or in the language travel industry. We all have taken language courses abroad ourselves. We worked for other agencies before. We visitied many schools in many different locations. We decided to start our own agency and to offer the best service around.