The Daily Maycomb

December of 1933

House devoured by vicious fire

Miss Maudie Atkinsons house was destroyed in a deadly fire on December 15. The first snowfall had fallen for the first time since 1885. Schooldays nacelles for the day and kids spent their day playing outside and building snowmen.

Early that morning , around midnight 1:00am , the neighbourhood was ablaze. Everyone rushed outside to find Miss.Maudie house on fire. The men of the neighbourhood rushed to help get Miss.Maudie out as well as any valuable items. Shortly after, the fire truck arrived, but the hose had exploded due to the cold weather. Local man, Mr.Avery found to be injured , the reason behind he had to climb out the window , and had fallen into bushes , because of the stairs were devoured completely by the fire . The local men had to stop the attempt to save valuables due to the reason being the fire was becoming too ferocious . The Abbotsfordville Fire Department came soon to put out the fire . Although everything in Mss.Maudies house had burned down. Miss Maudie was quoted saying "I've always wanted to build a smaller house with a larger garden"

Atticus Finch Defends A Black Man

Many people will gather to watch Atticus Finch defend a black man , Tom Robinson in the hot Maycomb County Courtroom . Tom is said to be a nightmare for the city of Maycomb by some people ." Tom is a wicked beast who acts out of animalistic lust " said the Ewells . Although some people say that Tom was a gentlemen , he never created a speck of trouble. Not for himself and definitely not for anyone else.

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Maycomb Attorney Accidently Sues Himself

Earlier this week, on Monday, Maycomb Attorney , Jacob Johnson , accidently sued himself in court. This is a shocking incident. Further investigation and reports state that Mr.Johnson was drunk at the moment. He was suing himself, because he himself had taken out money from his bank account without permission. Approximately $500

Army Vehicle gone missing

A brand new US Army Suv , Price $60,000, has gone missing after being painted with camouflage. Police are seeking help to locate the four wheel drive suv. It was last seen in a field , north off the border of Maycomb County.