Farewell Party for Shemariah

21st February, 2016 at Parc Royale Clubhouse, Tai Wai.

Very thankful for year 2014-5

As I looked back to my previous years, many of you who are reading this newsletter have indeed made my life more meaningful and joyful. Though last year was like a challenging year to me and kind of tough at times. God's endless grace and mercy was on me, I have learned much to appreciate what I already have, not to say I have received much forgiveness through good Christians' model that they did demonstrate God's love, mercy and grace to me. I am very thankful that you have been part of my journey and I believe that our friendship will last no matter where we all are. I enjoyed so much for our time spending together, lots of joy, lots of sharing, lots of sisterly and brotherly love too. Thank you for putting up with me when I wasn't that lovely and kind. I am very thankful particularly with those who have been praying alongside with me in my most difficult times, your love I will remember always.

Since my studies started, I had indeed been very busy, God has been my wisdom and strength so that I am still doing what I am doing now, lest I would have been given up on hope! Thank you once again for all your prayers support to me. I cannot thank you enough here. I hope that we will keep in touch in the future to share joy or grief, we will carry each other's burden continuously and God's love will unite us and God's light will shine in the dark places.

Thank you for being part of my journey ....



Parc Royale Clubhouse

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 1:30-4:15pm

8 Hin Tai Street

New Territories

This plan will get confirmed soon after the 21st January as I cannot confirm booking earlier than that particular date, stay tune then for my another update. Please save this date for our gathering though. Thank you brothers and sisters ......looking forward to our next catch up.

Location might be changed in the end...but for now the date will remain the same. Thanks for your understanding ^____^.


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