East MIddle Must Haves

Everything you need to know about 6th grade at East.

The Basics of 6th Grade

  • You will be going to your core classes in the orange house on the top floor.
  • You will have math and ELA every day in 6th grade.
  • You will use block scheduling for your scheduling next year.
  • 8th grade Web leaders will help you with any questions you have about 6th grade.
  • Your lunch time is from 11:26 to 11:56.


In 6th grade theres so much more freedom than any other grade before, but you have to remember with freedom comes responsibility. It's a lot easier to get in trouble in middle school because they don't tolerate most of the behavior elementary does. Also make sure you use your passing time wisely 4 minutes may not seem like a lot but it is plenty of time to got to your locker, use the restroom, etc. Try to be friends with all your teachers so you can have a connection with them. Also popularity contests are big in 6th grade, my advice for that is find a good group of people that don't get in trouble to hang out with.

Teachers in the 6th Grade House


  • Orange House- is where all your core classes are located.
  • Block Scheduling- tells you what classes to go to Monday and Wednesday you go to your 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A classes. On Tuesday and Thursday you go to your 1B, 2B, 3B, and 4B. On Fridays you go to all your classes in this order 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc.
  • Web Leaders- web stands for where everybody belongs. They are 8th grade students to help you figure out 6th grade.
  • Passing Time- 4 minutes for you to go to your locker, use the restroom, etc.
  • Locker- a place for you to store your backpack/supplies for the day.