category 3 earth and space

How were all of the planets formed?

The Solar System

the solar system is made of the rocky planets aka terrestrial which are the planets mercury,venus,earth, are the gas giants which are jupiter,saturn,uranus,neptune these are all the planets in the solar system.the planets were formed of the solar nebula which is a dust.the planets were formed with tiny dust grains.


Earth the only planet that can hold life.There is also cycles in earth like the water-cycle,the carbon-dioxide oxygen cycle.The water cycle starts with the sun evaporating the,the water condenses and turns into a,is the raining aka precipitation and that is one of the cycles in earth.

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there is also moons in the solar system like earth has mercury has no moons,venus has no moons,earth has one moon called moon aka luna,mars has two moons called phobos and deimos,jupiter has 67 moons but i'm gonna name some like europa,ganymede,io,and saturn has 62 moons like titan,encleladus,rhea,,is uranus.uranus has 27 moon's like miranda,titania,umbriel,oberon,and is neptune has 13 moon's like triton,proteus,and neso.