Peterson's Post

February 1st-5th

Stars and Wishes

1. I am continuously amazed at the work your students are doing. The writing, reading and math strategies they are learning will help them so much in the future.

2. I see many of you exploring different ways to use our ipads. Remember to give your feedback on how you feel we can best use these devices. (to your leadership rep please)

3. More of you have applied for EXPLORE! Thank you!

A Wish or two or three: (I am keeping my wishes from the past weeks)

1. How many of you have applied for the grant????

2. Several of you have mentioned visiting other schools for observations. (Sequiota, Cowden, Robberson) Please try to schedule these visits. If others would like to observe at other schools, please let me know. If you need help, please let me know.


Please encourage your families to sign up for EXPLORE (summer school) This will begin February 12th. Brochures will be in your mailboxes today. Please send home on Monday. Please keep continuous reminders in your newsletter from now until the end of the year. THANK YOU!!


Kindergarten registration is available online now. Please let parents know that they may begin registration at any time for kindergarten next year. If they want their child to attend EXPLORE this summer, their child must be register for school for the 2016-2017 school year. Please also keep them on your parent communication throughout the rest of the school year.

Valentine Party times

Please give your Valentine Party time and date to Brittany. Many parents call to ask when it will be. Have this to her by Friday, February 5th. THANK YOU!


As you know, we are having issues with mice again. Please be aware of the following:

1. PLEASE make sure your students take their lunch boxes home each day.

2. Some students put food in their desks. Please talk with them about this and have them clean out their desks to make sure it is clear of food. If we continue to have issues, students will not be able to bring snacks to school.

3. Please keep any food items you have in your room in bins.

4. Mice LOVE bird seed and other things like this. PLEASE make sure to put this in bins as well.

5. The kitchen supplies each of your classrooms with baby wipes. (in a blue container) Please have your students wipe down the desks each day after breakfast using these wipes. When you start running low, put a note on your cart and they will put another container in your cart for you to keep in your room.

Custodial services will be bringing snappy traps to three rooms this evening. Next weekend, they will be putting them in the hallway. Please keep me posted on any evidence of mice so I can order treatment for your room.

I appreciate your help with this!


  • · NEVER force the laptop off by pressing and holding the power button. This is one of the worst things that can be done to any computer, it is an extreme last resort.
  • · Students must log out of any and all programs/services that they have logged into (such as Canvas, Google Docs, DreamBox, etc.). Logging out of the computer or shutting a computer down won’t necessarily log students out of these programs/services.
  • · If laptops are being returned to room 136, they must be completely SHUT DOWN, not just logged off. If laptops are going straight to another classroom, they can simply be logged off and closed without being shut down.
  • · If there is a problem with a laptop not powering on, you may try this to see if the problem can be easily fixed. First, make sure the power cord is not connected to the laptop. Second, remove the battery. Next, hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. Finally, replace the battery, connect the power cord, and press the power button. If the laptop powers on the problem has been solved, if the laptop does not power on, a work order will need to be submitted.
  • If a teacher is unable to supervise their students returning laptops to room 136, then a couple of responsible students should be trained to supervise their classmates to ensure laptops are put back correctly. At times, the computers are on the counter, but not plugged in. This causes issues for the next class scheduled for the computers.
  • Teachers must be the ones to put notes on laptops that there may be an issue with, and should confirm what the issue is before notifying Brittany and putting the laptop on the counter by the phone in room 136.
  • Teachers should make sure headphones are not working before putting notes on the headphones. If headphones do not work, teachers need to be the ones to put a note on the headphones telling what is wrong.
  • Please go over all of this with your students so they know what to do. I know this takes extra time, but in order for our computers to continue to work properly, we all have to do our part in taking care of them.

Friday Feedback

Please click on the link above to go to the Friday Feedback link. Please do this each Friday!

Numercy Support in Glass Classroom - Julie Veatch

The Title I Guided Math page and additional Numeracy Support Resources are now available for all SPS Teachers on Glass Classroom! You will find:

· *Video and photo examples of all components of the Guided Math Instructional Configuration

· *Video of SPS teachers answering “Why Guided Math?” and their tips for how to get started

· Examples of mini-lessons, small group lesson formats, conferencing, management and station rotation tips K - 5

· *Numerous Apps and differentiated station activities

Directions for digging in: Glass Classroom -> In Depth Study -> Title I -> Guided Math, A Workshop Approach and Numeracy Resource


Please remember that field trips MUST be scheduled by April 1st. This is so we do not have any concerns getting transportation at the last minute.

At A Glance

Things that are coming up and due dates:

For those of you on the evaluation cycle, please schedule an observation with me if you have not already done so. Please schedule this with me by Friday, January 29th.

Week of February 1-5

1st- EVAL WENDY- 9:45

1st- EVAL Tessa 10:15

2nd- Leadership 4:00- Please give your input as to what you would like to purchase with the money in our activity account. (We have roughly 6,800.00 in this account) This money has to be used to IMPACT student learning. Also, be ready to give input on how you would like to check out the ipads.

2nd- Third, fourth and fifth CPT- Please meet in room 136. Ben- Please cover Lacey's room during the 3rd grade time.

3rd- PTA- Teri Gone

3rd- Counselor's Day- Kindergarten responsible

3rd- Earthquake Drill 1:15

4th- K Prep 6:00

4th- Teri Gone- (taking my dad to Barnes- Again)

6th- Shop with a Hero- Thank you to all of you who have agreed to help with this. This is one of those things that students will remember into the adulthood and beyond......

Update on my dad:

My dad has been home now for a week and two days (as of this publishing) His strength seems to get better each day. We still have unanswered questions concerning his pancreas because his ulcer is still too inflamed to get a clear CT scan. His Barnes doctor called yesterday and wants him in St. Louis on Thursday. He will have some biopsies done at that time.

Calendar for February

Calendar for February

8th- Focus Team - Individual groups 8:00- Please post on the discussion board by Wednesday, February 10th.

8th- CPT- 2nd grade 2:30- Be prepared to tell me about any students you are thinking about retaining. Your top three celebrations. Your top three

9th- MVP luncheon

9th- CPT- 5th 9:15, 4th- 10:15, K- 11:45-Please make sure to have your Lexia report ready as well as any other reading data you use in order to show progress of your students. Also any questions/concerns/suggestions/celebrations you have about Dreambox

10th- Principal's meeting Teri Gone

11th- PTA Planning Meeting 6:00

12th- Volunteer Tea- please send anything you make for the volunteers to the gym by the 11th at the end of the day.

15th- No school

16th- PTA- Teri gone Am

15th- EVAL- Danielle 11:15

16th- Faculty Meeting 4:00 in room 136

16th- Skating Party 6:00-8:00

17th- Future Eagles Storytime 10:30

18th- PTA General Meeting- LIFE 360 4th 6:00 and 2nd at 6:30

19th- Teri Feeder Meeting 2:00

22nd- Focus Team- Whole group in room 136- Please bring your device

22nd- 3rd- Grade Peter and the Wolf

24th- CPT 3rd grade 10:15

26th- CPT 1st grade 1:45

29th- Mann Huddle

29th- HRA- Call 888-8888 to sign up.

Duties for February 1-5




Front Sidewalk Duty: Gratton

Car- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- Sweet/Wednesday and Friday- Smith



Load- Wrinkle

Load- Felton

APR- Carson


Bus-L. Iman

Parking Lot Exit-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Pheonix/Wednesday and Friday- Maxwell

Assembly Information


February- Specialty Teachers Responsible


Have 2 Brag Tag names and 1 MVP ready for the assembly on the 29th


March 15th- Please send home the MVP letter with your student. They are located on Canvas.

Collaborative Planning Meetings


For February:

For those how did not have BOY to MOY scores, please bring those.

For Grades 3-5- Please be prepared to tell me how Dreambox is going? Please be prepared to pull up reports for your students to discuss their progress.

For K-2- Be prepared to tell me about:

- Students you are thinking about retaining. (if any)

- Your top three celebrations so far from this year

- Your top three frustrations, struggles, concerns so far this year. (and what you need from me to help with these)

For March: (this needs to be done BY your CPT time)

Your assignment for March is to schedule a meeting with another teacher in the building. You need to choose a staff member who is:---not in your same grade level, not someone you talk to on a regular basis and someone who is not in your focus group. Remember specialty teachers as well. I will have a calendar for you to sign up on in Canvas. (this is not up yet, but should be soon)

This is what your observation needs to entail:

1. The visit should be at least 30 minutes.

2. The visit can be done at a time other than your plan time. We will get classes covered. (I will have to use Ben to do this)

3. This should be a one on one conversation

4. You will be responsible for setting up the visit.

The conversation needs to be centered on the following:

A. What physical changes has this teacher made to their room and why? If no changes have been made, what are their thoughts for change next year?

B. How is the staff member managing Lexia and Dreambox as far as:

-Getting the recommended minutes for each student

-Using the reports for each program

-Thoughts on how the programs are helping their students

-Any concerns with either program

C. How does this staff member have their reading set up?

-How do they document the progress of their students?

-How often to they document?

-Is there a form they use for this?

D. How does this staff member have their math set up?

-Do they have math stations/centers/rounds?

-If so, what changes or tweaking have they done?

E. What is one take away you will use from this visit?

Please be ready to share this information when we meet for our CPT meeting. Please either type it up for have notes written down.


All musical meetings will be held at LIFE 360 at 6:30

February 18th 4th grade at 6:00 and LIFE 360

February 18th 2nd grade at 6:30 at LIFE 360

April 21st Art- Kindergarten 6:30- in the gym


Reps for each grade level:

K/1 – Johnson, L. 2/3 – Hoos 4/5 – Iman SPD/SPC – Feistner

Please always give this information:




A solution to any suggestions or concerns

If there is ever anything you feel should come to the Leadership team and it has not been covered, please let your rep or me know.

Date Topic Date to get input to rep. Feb. 1st

1. We have money in our activity account that has been placed there for us to purchase items that are needed for our school/students/teachers. Please give your representative your thoughts on what you would like to purchase by Jan. 29th. We will compile a list and get it back out to you to make a final decision.

2. Now that the ipads are here, give your rep your thoughts on what you would like to do with these as far as usage. Keep them one per grade level or put them in the Learning Lab and check them out when you need them?

March 1st TBD Feb. 26th

April 5th TBD April 1st


The second Tuesday of the month is the MVP luncheon-(except March- It will be on the 15TH due to Spring Break)

The third Tuesday of every month is faculty meeting. Not all will be seated. Some will be on Canvas.

The third Tuesday of every month is PTA executive meetings- Teri Gone

The first Tuesday of every month is Leadership- please send feedback with your rep.

The first Wednesday of every month is PTA Teri usually gone. AM

The second Wednesday of every month is Principal Meeting- Teri gone

Remember to fill out field trip forms, check the master calendar and tell the cafeteria if you are not eating at school that day. Also, new this year, all end of year field trips MUST be scheduled by April 1st.

Good To Know- anticipated employee high absence days

For the 2015-2016 school year, we anticipate heavy employee absences on the dates listed below. Historically, Kelly Services has had a difficult time filling absences with substitutes on these dates. If possible and if an event hasn’t already been scheduled, we’d appreciate any effort you might make to avoid scheduling events on these days. Also, it would be extremely helpful if we can ask teachers to avoid Fridays for Assessment Testing. This made a huge difference last year! Beyond these, please take into consideration these high absence days:

· Friday, March 25th – Good Friday

· Monday, March 28th – Easter Monday

· Friday, May 5th – SPS Graduation

· Friday, May 6th – SPS and Evangel Graduation

· Friday, May 13th – MSU and Drury Graduation

Post Cards

How many post cards have you sent out this year? Remember that each student should receive one by the end of the year. Brittany has the stamps

Birthdays and Recognition Days

ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED ON CANVAS. Please make sure you know when you are responsible for your day or month.

Special Recognition Days: Counselor Day 3rd-Kindergarten Responsible

February Birthdays: Marilyn Sweet, Lauren Ackerman, Ben McVicker, and Kathy Powell are responsible:

Linda Gratton- 10th

Deb Maxwell- 10th

Teri Peterson 10th

Stacy Smith 14th

Lacey Perkins 18th

Pamela Asberry 23rd

Wendy Felton 27th


I am leaving the bottom two links for your reference in case you want to take a look at them.

The top link talks about school spaces. Although we do not have the ability to purchase a lot of the furniture and other items they talk about in the article, it is good food for thought as we think about our learning spaces.