Art Around the World

Mrs. Walter's Second Grade Class

The Many Creations and Talent of 2nd Grade Art

Thank you all for coming to see our Art show last Tuesday at 6pm! It was so very nice to have you, and I hope you enjoyed seeing the amazing art made by your children and their peers! Here is a small recap of what amazing things occurred on 26th, 2016:
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Egg Cartons

Room 22 Animal Research Projects: Room 22: How we used the egg cartons for our animal research projects. Scanning QR codes to hear the presentations and see what we learned about habitats.
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The World of France

Our French Garden paintings in the hallway by the computer lab. Many versions of Monet's famous water lily painting. We were inspired by his work and the nature from our courtyard garden.
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The World of Ghana

We read a story called Grandma Ghana. The explored colors and fabrics popular in Ghana on the continent of Africa. See the African Inspired Cloths that we made.
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Wall of Inspiration

In the hallway by the cafeteria, seeing all of the Acts of Inspiration that have been earned by kids making good choices.
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Scholastic Book Fair with Quote from our Principal!

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For more information about the school/ school district, you can check out ! Hope you had an amazing adventure and come back for future events to come!