Birth of the Nation

The American Revolution

The causes

Many countries were trying to keep stable a favorable balance of trade. Problem was they were exporting more than they were importing and it just increased their need for colonies to produse resources and markets.
British colonies were required to sell only certain good to England , goods sold to other countries were to be charged with a British tax. This was know as the Navigation Act's
When the British moved west they ended up fighting French settlers and Native Americans. That's what led to the french and Indian War of 1754.
It was nine years before the French surrendered and gave its claims up to Canada and all lands east of the Mississippi.

Problems with the Colonists

Great Britain thought that Colonist should help pay the expenses from the French and Indian War.

Colonists were forbidden tofrom settling i west of the Appalachian Mountains and the the the territory under military control. This is what King George III called the Proclamation of 1673