Job Interview Process

By Caleb Jacobsen

Before the Interview

Get a good Nights sleep

You need to be clear and alert for the interview.

Dress for Success

Dress one step above the people who work where you are interviewing.

Online Presence

Make sure you have a positive online presence with nothing inappropriate.

Practice and Plan route

If you know what you will say and where it is it will help relieve enormous amounts of stress.
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During the Interview

Greeting your Employer

Greet your employer by name with a firm handshake and smile.

When to arrive

You should arrive 5 to 10 minutes early which is enough time to not be worried about being late but not too early which would look strange.

What to bring

Bring extra copies of your resume so you can give it to more then one person if they ask. Other than that all you need is yourself.

Questions to ask

You can ask questions like:

  • When does the Job Start?
  • Ask for a quick tour
  • Ask how to grow in your job.

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5 common Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself?

Don't talk about your personal life, they don't really care. What they want to know is what your strengths and job experiences are.

Why should we hire you?

Give a specific strength that would be beneficial to the company and set you above everyone else

What is your greatest strength?

Be specific and give an example so they know it is true.

What is your greatest weakness?

Be honest but don't tell them something that would make them not want to hire you. Also tell them ways your trying to improve it.

Why do you want to work here?

Be specific and mention aspects of the company that you admire.
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After the Interview

Saying goodbye

Thank them for their time and be confident and respectful.

Write a thank you

Thank the interviewer for the their time and for considering you. It lets them know your professional and courteous.

Follow Up

If it has been a while since the interview and you haven't heard anything it doesn't hurt to follow up and ask if the position has been filled yet.
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Dress for an interview.

Dress above.

Dress one step above where you are interviewing. This means if you are interviewing for a construction job don't show up in a suit and tie. Nice pants and a nice dress shirt would be fine.
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What not to do

Do not appear arrogant or disinterested

Keep your body language positive, and appear humble.

Talk negative about past employers

Never talk negative about past employers even if it is true. It shines a bad light on you.

Don't Bring your cell phone

Never bring a phone into an interview. It could go off and you could have forgot to put it on silent.
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Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare For a Job Interview
Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare For a Job Interview