Classroom Discipline Styles

Canter and Canter vs. Fredric Jones Comparison


All text references Effective Classroom Management by Carlette Jackson Hardin

  1. Both start with an assertive teacher.
  2. Both keep discipline for the most part in the classroom, giving the teacher control.
  3. Both believe that planning for discipline are a must, this is established through defining the rules for the class.
  4. Both impose a boundary for the rules and a path to follow that goes from the teacher in the classroom to obtaining help outside the classroom with administration, parents, etc.



  • Canter and Canter sets a path for discipline that increases as behaviors continues to violate the rules.
  • Whereas Fredric Jones established an eight step group of limits that should deter behavior and re-establish classroom focus.


  • Canter and Canter suggests a system of rewarding the students for positive behavior.
  • Fredric Jones suggests that a system that puts the own-est back on the students to assist in the control of behavior in the classroom in order to receive PAT (Preferred Activity Time)


  • Jones acknowledges that the was a teacher's proximity to the students will affect their ability to assertively discipline.
  • Canter and Canter did not address the layout of the space.