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Location of Jamestown

In 1607, the greatest colony, Jamestown, was founded in Virginia, along the coast. The Jamestown colony is found in the Chesapeake region.

Jamestown was founded by a group of Englishmen which had a investor to purchase their trip, this investor is the Virginia Company of London. The English men wanted to find gold so the colonist were able to make a profit and trade goods. The English men also farmed and a famous crop was tobacco in Jamestown.

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Investor of Jamestown!

In order to find Jamestown a group of English men needed a sponsor or investor to purchase the trip. The group of English men were sponsored by the Virginia Company of London.

Living happy, and loving life is what we Jamestown people do!

The reason you're reading this advertisement is so that you can start a new journey in the Jamestown Colony. Jamestown is lots of great fun, family social time, farming, and a new start of an adventure. Jamestown will help you to succeed and love the new colony!

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Reasons to join the GREATEST colony known!

In the Jamestown colony there are plenty of good reasons to come and start a new adventure. First, the women have more rights than the women in England. Second, you can fish, hunt and have a garden. Third, you can have free help with your farm or even around the house. Fourth, the citizen's have a freedom of religion

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Jamestown is better than the other colonies because it has free help, a freedom of the religion you chose to practice, the women have more rights and better farming land.

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