The Indian Princess

By Aaliyhah Burgos


A brave Indian princess. Pocahontas loved her people and everything she did. When Pocahontas was 12 year old she saved John Smith from her father. Pocahontas helped Jamestown by giving them goods, and she sailed back to England to get money for the colony. Pocahontas was loved by different people but then she found the right one for her.

John Smith

Did Pocahontas love John Smith by saving him from her father? When Pocahontas was 12 years old she saved a man named John Smith. When Pocahontas saved John Smith he fell in love with her. Pocahontas didn't fall in love with him every one thinks that they both fell in love with each other.


Pocahontas loved everyone and everything.She gave John Smith and the colonist some goods. She gave them money,she sailed to England to get the money for them. She gave them a lot of goods and money she gave peace to ton everyone. Pocahontas was known as a hero to Jamestown.

Who Did Pocahontas Marry

Pocahontas married two diffident guys. When she was 14 years old she married a chief that her dad set her up with. When she got captured she was gone for 7 years and then her husband was dead. She married John Rolf not John Smith. Pocahontas changed her name to Rebecca Rolf and they had a kid named Thomas Rolf.

Conclusion Paragrph

Pocahontas was really awesome she saved a man she didn't Even know. She helped Jamestown and died try help them. She was only 22 years old. she was loved by differently by every person she meant like John Smith loved her John Rolf they got married. The Indian princess risked her life for others.