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April 2021 Issue

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Do Not Fear, The End is Near!!

Hello everyone,

It's April and we are only three weeks away from the end of this semester! We hope you enjoyed your Spring break with the bloom of the spring flowers and the warmer weather. I think we can all agree that we were ready for a break.

Check out a few things that our office and our students organizations have been up to during March as well as the fun things to look forward to as the semester comes to an end.

Student Organization Upcoming Events

Comm Club's Virtual Showcase

Comm Club and Comm Studies is hosting a virtual Comm Showcase night for students on April 22nd at 6pm. (There will also be an open networking event 5:30pm-6pm before we begin.) This is an opportunity for students to showcase their work over the last academic year and also provide them a place to gather and celebrate their achievements of pursuing their degree in the pandemic.

For more information about how to register and attend the event, contact Taylor Vanderveen at or Dr. Erin Hollenbaugh at .

Creative Writing Club Virtual Events

Upcoming club events include a Writing Marathon led by student leaders on April 20th at 7pm, and an Open Mic Night on April 26th at 7pm. For information, contact Club Social Media Officer, Jeremiah Harbour at: or Club Advisor, Professor Jessica Jones at: You can also follow the Kent Stark CWC on Facebook and Instagram: @ KSU Stark Creative Writing Club.

International Student Organization's Cook-off

The International Cook-Off is a series of videos made by international students, faculty, and staff members, where they teach us how to do their favorite recipe from their home country. They are challenging all Flashes to try to do them at home and use the hashtag #OGIInternationalCookOff so we can share the delicious dishes that they make.

They have recipes from countries such as Mexico, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Bolivia, India, Bangladesh, and Italy, and the videos are being posted on OGI's Instagram which you can follow @GlobalinitiativesKSU and on Facebook at Kent State Stark Global Initiatives every Wednesday and Friday.

You can access some of the videos below as well!!

Green Week Celebrations

Biology Club, Wildlife Club, GEODES, and EnviroKents have been preparing some fun activities to celebrate Earth day and Green month this April. These activities are running from March 25th to April 25th. for the campus and for their organizations to participate in either individually, in small groups, or with our families.

These activities include virtual guest speakers, trash cleanups in our community, movie nights, challenges, and a scavenger hunt among others. On their calendar here you can find links to the movies, signup sheets for the cleanups, links to the speakers, and all the challenges. They have been working on this for over a month and would love for others to join in.

Their hope is to help our planet and help our community get educated on the damage that we do to our planet and educate the role we can play in living more sustainably. Whoever decides to participate in this should first and foremost follow Flashes Safe Eight and secondly, post whatever activity you are doing on the Facebook pages of either Biology Club or GEODES.

EnviroKents' Re-launch

Starting a club at the beginning of a pandemic can be tough so EnviroKents will be re-launching their club on Earth Day! Lots of fun and exciting things are happening so if you have an interest in our environment watch out for an email the week of Earth Day containing information on their new Facebook page and a trash collecting competition. You can also contact Dr. Post at for more information.

Vertebrate Scavenger Hunt

Wildlife club is encouraging students to participate in Green week by taking part in their Vertebrate Scavenger Hunt! Each person is encouraged to go outside during the week of April 18-24th and take a picture of each of the five classes of vertebrates (one fish, one amphibian, one reptile, one bird, one mammal) and send them to Stephanie Rafferty, the club president at ( The email should include the location the species was found, and the common name of the animal!

There will be a winner chosen at random to win a prize, so it's important that you send the photos in by email. Their hope is that this gets you outside and exploring nature, and by having to look up the common name of the species you can learn something new about your environment that you won't forget.

Student Organization Spotlights

Creative Writing Club's Visiting Author Night

The Kent State Stark Creative Writing Club celebrated their kickoff event in style on March 9th.

Guest Author, Robert Lee, zoomed in from Montana to an audience of 40 students, faculty, staff and community members. During his two-hour visit, Mr. Lee read from his poetry collections: Black Bear Holds a Hole in HisPaws (Soft Spur Press 2013) and Breath (Foothills Press 2018).

A spirit of fellowship prevailed as Mr. Lee read poems about coming of age, teaching, social justice, loss and the human condition. At various moments, the audience erupted in laughter or Beatnik style finger-clicking and the chat bar lit up with comments and shared sentiments.

To read the full write-up, with testimonials from students, and to view photos, click here.

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Wildlife Club Visits the Akron Zoo for 'Career Day'

On March 27th, the Wildlife club participated in a 'Career Day' at the Akron Zoo. Fourteen students attended with their advisor, Dr. Greg Smith. (All maintained Flash's Safe Eight protocols.)

They got to hear from Rob, the horticulturist for the Akron Zoo and hear about all the work they put into all the flowers in the gardens and around the zoo. They got to meet Daisy, a three-banded armadillo, and Winter, an albino dove. They got to tour the zoo and hear about what goes on behind the scenes of animal keeping and handling, they each got to feed the goats crackers, and we learned a lot about what the zoo is looking for when they look at applications and what we can do to make our resumes stand out in a big pile of applications. It was so much fun and so educational, too. After the tour was over they all walked through the aquarium together and Dr. Smith was telling us so much about the fish and the plants and it was like a second mini tour haha!

For their next get-together, they have been throwing around the idea of doing some citizen science in a park around here! Citizen science is basically a bunch of amateur scientists getting together and doing scientific study or research. I know there's a bunch of equipment at our disposal in the mudroom, so maybe we'll get lucky and we can find a park to let us do some animal trapping and fish seining. Something to get us used to using equipment commonly used when studying wildlife!

If you are interested in getting plugged in with Wildlife club, feel free to contact them at (

Student Involvement Updates and Reminders

USG Instagram Live Series!

USG launched a new fun way for you to connect with us through our social media page @kentstarkusg using the Instagram Live feature. Last month we had a USGUnplugged session to inform students of what we do, fun upcoming events from our office and a fun Q & A session at the end!!!

Check out our upcoming live this month on the 30th of April where we will be talking about prepping for finals and some cool study tips :).

Join Us For the Final Org Social Hour

We are having our very last Org Social Hour for the semester on April 23rd from 5-6pm. Look out for the Teams links which will be emailed to you that week in a reminder email.

This event has proved so helpful for the different organizations to connect with our office as well as other orgs. Thanks to Wildlife Club, Revive and EnviroKents who were present for the second one we had two weeks ago. It was so much fun getting to chat with you all and brainstorm some fun ideas for the rest of the semester.

We hope to see more organizations take advantage of this fun platform! Feel free to get in touch with Evangeline Agum at if you have any questions about this :).

Student Org Reminders

1. Thank you for all the amazing things you have been doing this semester. We are so impressed with your adaptability and creativity during these times. You are all AWESOME!!

2. Make sure to access the Student Org Master Roster to update your members and leadership as this semester comes to a close. This would help us keep in contact with the organization and your members.

3. We are still accepting any allocation requests for the organizations activities or virtual events until April 30th so feel free to contact Ashley Brightbill about it at or Evangeline Agum at

USG Unplugged


My name is Ashley Brightbill and I work in the office of Student Involvement. One of my favorite roles here on campus is serving as the Advisor for Undergraduate Student Government and working with our wonderful students.

Here are some fun facts about me: I graduated from Ashland University with Bachelor of Arts in Communication and from The University of Akron with a Masters in Higher Education Administration. I was super involved in college and even studied abroad in Mexico for a month! It's probably no surprise that I still love connecting with people and helping them find their fit here on the Stark campus!

I don't watch TV, but I do love spending time with my family and friends, learning new things, being outside and I am always searching for the next good bargain. Target is my favorite store, but I love supporting local businesses too.