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All are registered for full 3-day attendance, unless otherwise indicated.

Carma Barlow, Principal

Jennifer Becker, 4th Grade Teacher

Maria Beltran, ELL Bilingual Paraprofessional

Patricia Calhoun, Pre-K Teacher

Michele Crittenden, Reading Specialist

Athena Delgado, 3rd Grade Teacher

Sabrina Moore, 5th Grade Teacher

Janis Rostykus, 1st Grade Teacher

Katrina Smith, 1st Grade Teacher

Debra Steveson, ELL teacher

Jodie Tucker, Special Ed Teacher

Taylor Wicks, 2nd Grade Teacher

Late Registration

Online Registration at https://goo.gl/Ig9XM4 closed at 6:30pm, June 3.

Please contact Anne Springall at cspringall@uco.edu to arrange late registration.
Please include:
• Your First and Last Names
• Your Role/Position in your School
• Email Address
• Cell Phone Number
• Whether you will eat lunch with us every day
• Anything that will keep you from attending the entire conference
• Your understanding that failure to participate in the conference you register for may cause your school to be liable for costs incurred by OKA+ Schools based on your registration
(Note: The current cost estimate, per person, is $150 per day. Actual cost will be computed upon completion.), please email cspringall@uco.edu

Park in the Visitor Parking Lot just east of the Nigh University Center

Keep your ticket. When you leave, present it at the gate house and tell the lot attendant that you were attending an Oklahoma A+ Schools conference. Parking is paid by OKA+.
Enter the building through the doors under the portico.
Look for the OKA+ yard sign.

Check-in & Refreshments: Bellmon Room, #314

School Homeroom: Room #320B

UCO parking map, UCO Campus Map, Google Map
Address for GPS Purposes: 760 E Main St, Edmond, OK 73034

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Typical Summer Conference Activities

Schools Coming to UCO June 6-8, 2016

DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL (3-Day Refresher Conference)
--Russell Dougherty Elementary, Edmond PS

FIRST-YEAR IMPLEMENTATION SCHOOL (First 3 Days of 5-Day Institute)

--Santa Fe South The Hills Elementary, Santa Fe South Charter Schools, OKC

OKA+ Summer Attendance/Cancellation Policy

Participation in OKA+ Schools Summer Institutes and Conferences
While it is understood that emergencies occur, outside of those incidents, failure to participate in all components for which individuals are registered, including meals and full participation in workshops and conference sessions, will cause the school to be liable for costs incurred by Oklahoma A+ Schools for those participants, unless they have canceled or advised OKA+ of partial attendance specifics by May 30. The current cost estimate, per person, is $150 per day. Actual cost will be computed upon completion.
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