Disney World

Disney World

Disney World is a theme park that has many different characters from the channel called Disney Channel. There are rides that are based on the characters from Disney. You can also play games and go to the Magic Kingdom.

Traveling to Disney World

If you are going to go to Disney World you can either take a plane or drive a car depending on where you live. If you live in Washington or Oregon or somewhere else in the northern region we recommend taking a plane. But if you live in Florida or California you can just drive there, or if you live in Georgia or Alabama you can drive.

Dates to schedule a trip

You can schedule any date when there is a room open for example you can come January, 12, 2014 or any time at all. If you just want to go for the day you just have to get tickets. There are many different dates to go there you just have to make an appointment to schedule a trip to Disney World.

Getting Tickets

Tickets are usually for a four day trip they are $73.50 per person. But you can get one day tickets, four day tickets, or a week ticket. You are able to buy these on line or at Disney World.

Things to do

There are many different things to do at the theme park in Disney World. You can go to the Animal Kingdom, epcot or the theme park rides. There are many things to do that you will enjoy.

Magic Wrist Bands

Magic wrist bands are things you can use to bring to go on the rides for the whole day. You are able to buy the Magic Wrist bands at your Hotel. You can get the wrist bands cheap if you buy them at the hotel.


There are many different types of Hotels that you can stay in. We have many different luxurious places to stay during your trip. You will have a lot of fun staying in your Hotel. There are many things to do I your Hotel.