Socialism and Refugees

By: Lindsey Bryant, Cindy Brossett, & Ernesto Aballe

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Characteristics in this economy

The government/leader makes all the major economic decisions. Most resources and money are kept for the exclusive benefit of the leader. Many people don't have many rights, like private property.


The situations there can change drastically, meaning that if a change needs to happen they can do it right then because their leader makes all the decisions. A lot of citizens all receive resources and services they wouldn't normally receive if the government didn't choose what happens. Health care, education, and transportation are little to no cost.
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The government/leaders make sure that they are taken care of first, which leaves little resources for the citizens. If the people do get resources, they are the left overs that are poor quality. People also cant chose anything, they have no freedom, the government chooses everything for them.

Is it Viable?

This country would be an awful place for refugees to come to escape war. Most countries with socialism will let you into their country but they won't let you back out. The government gets to choose everything for you, where you live, what kind of job you get, and how and when you can eat. The refugees would be better off staying in the country that they left than to come to a country that has socialism. They will not get any freedom and the government will control all aspects of their lives.

Countries with Command Economy

  • North Korea
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
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