Social Studies

World Geography is more than just peninsulas, mountains, and archipelagos. It is a concoction of history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, economics,and political science. Geography is the study of "Why?" Why do people practice religion? Why are professional sports teams located in some regions, but not others? Why are golf courses designed in certain ways? The questions could go on and on. History has played itself out based on the geography of where events happened. As students venture through this course, they will not only be asking why, but answering that question as well.


Exploring the Solar System

You have been chosen. Chosen to travel to the farthest reaches of our solar system seeking to unravel the mysteries of Earth’s cosmic brethren. What strange forces could tame a swirling cacophony of deadly gasses into the mighty Jupiter-so huge a thousand Earths could be stuffed inside? What cycles drive the hazy methane rains from Titan’s orange skies or the suffocating coat of poison that bakes the surface of Venus to nearly 900 degrees? What whips the atmosphere of Neptune into a fury of 1,500 mph winds? What has Pluto done to earn such a sad demotion? And then of course... are we alone?

You will brave the vast, dark expanse of outer space. Deadly radiation, wild extremes of temperature and climate, unending miles of desolate emptiness, frightening equipment malfunctions, desperate loneliness- nothing must stop you in this quest.


From your hat and shoe size, to engine parts and pieces, fractions are EVERYWHERE. Don't forget having to double a cookie recipe! Students will be learning how to calculate different forms of fractions. How much paint is needed for a wall? How much carpet is needed for a room. Using different formulas, students will learn how to figure these problems. Algebra, Fractions and Geometry in real life situations!


English and Science collide! While learning about space in Science, students will get a chance to connect those ideas with short stories we read in English. How accurate are some of the scientific discoveries in those stories? Is it possible for aliens to exist? Maybe we aren't alone! Students will get a chance to answer these questions (and maybe create more!) while writing their own short story that will include scientific facts from Science class in a collaborative final project. Aliens? Another galaxy? Who knows what their imagination will hold!

From the Principal

As we close the book on 1st semester, we have a lot of things to celebrate. Not only do we celebrate our graduates but also our community involvement. Students had the opportunity to visit Northfield Villa, The Residency and the Veterans Home. Students and residents enjoyed playing games, eating treats and having conversations about many different topics. I am also happy to announce that 2 of our students enrolled and completed their college courses first semester. We look forward to more community involvement from our students this semester.