WJHC On The Air


All About The Characters

The main characters are… Janey Wells, Ciel King, Tara O’Toole, the Skate, Roland Drayton, and finally Sandy Diaz, all students. There are some minor characters in this story such as Mrs. Bort, Tilly Willow, Socco, and the radio station additions. The students are all part of the new radio station at Jackson Hill High. Janey is the producer of this whole production and Ciel and Tara are her partners (Janey and Tara are not friends, but Jenny needs her help). The Skate is the DJ of the radio station. Roland is the engineer with help from Sandy. There is just one problem with Roland… he has no idea what he is doing. Everyone thinks he can work the equipment after the little incident in when he was the only one to be rejected by the Audio/Visual department.

The Setting And The First Problem

This story takes place in a high school. The school is Jackson Hill High. The main setting is in the radio station at the school. During the production there were some technical difficulties with the equipment and it exploded! Mrs.Bort told them that the station would not go on the air but in Janey’s head she thought she meant fix it.