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February 18, 2019

"My Funny Valentine"

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We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to be proud of in this week's news.

We will highlight student and teacher recognition as well as some very special events that happened in our classrooms and at Perini. We will go out on February Vacation with a lot to celebrate! Thank you so much for the love you show your students and your art. As you will see in this newsletter- you make a difference every single day in the lives of our kids.
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You Make A Difference

I was in a meeting on Thursday where these words were said by an administrator whose opinion I truly respect.: " Every art teacher, every specialist in Framingham really believes that every child can be an artist and they make sure that every child in their care knows that to be true."

So when you start to doubt that people notice the difference you are making or you start to doubt your own passion remember that statement. In Framingham you, your passion and your work is noted and applauded.


Woodrow Wilson

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Luke and his new music room rug. It isn't just pretty it also helps with classroom management. Which note should you sit on??

This is worth repeating..

Youth Art Month

These two spent Saturday hanging hundreds of pieces of student art at the Transportation Building in Boston. Thanks to Katie and Jillian for that dedication. Special thanks to Katie for promoting YAM in Framingham. We have more than 50 pieces in the show.
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Middle Schools


Cameron Light Design Video

These students explained that they selected the song and then designed the lighting to enhance the story and the emotion of the song along with the beat. They were challenged to use just 6 cues. Bravo to Teri and Kyle and their students! STEAM!

Cameron Middle School Hosts History at Play

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In my first year as the theatre teacher at Framingham High School, over 17 years ago, I had a gifted and lovely student- Judith Kalora. Judith went on to Syracuse to study acting and we literally bumped in to each other at The Globe Theatre in London a few years later. This week, Judith brought her one woman show to Cameron Middle School.

Judith owns her own educational performing company called History at Play. This week through her spellbinding performance Judith brought Deborah Samson to life on the Cameron stage for grade eight. The students were quiet, attentive and asked some very powerful questions following the hour long performance.

Deborah Samson [Sampson], the first woman to enlist, to fight, and to be honorably discharged from the American Military captivates audiences in an hour-long program chronicling her life. An indentured servant by age five, Deborah grew up in a man's world, where women were naught but second-class citizens. Without the ability to vote or to own property, Deborah knew her options were limited; breaking the rules may be necessary to accomplish a greater goal in life.

It is such a gift to a teacher to watch her students use their art to make an impact and it is all the better when that art intersects with education and brings it home to where she got her start. Bravo Judith and the Cameron community for providing this opportunity to our kids. Theatre brings history to life and gives a face and a life to the names and dates.


Language Objectives in the Arts Classroom

As Promised- a few examples

Your regular posting of Mastery Objectives and Essential Questions is noted! Now let's bring it to the next level for our kids- You should have a Language Objective posted for every lesson as well. I have included some resources here but please invite me to a Team Meeting and we can work some examples. I will be looking for these during my next visit.

Language Objectives

These objectives involve the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), but they can also include:

  • the language functions related to the topic of the lesson (e.g., justify, hypothesize)
  • vocabulary essential to a student being able to fully participate in the lesson (e.g., , locate, highlight)
  • language learning strategies to aid in comprehension (e.g, questioning, making predictions).

  • Visual Art: Students will be able to read descriptions of the design concept of their plaster masks

Music: Students will be able to compare and contrast two measures of music to define the dynamics in each

Theatre: Students will be able to make predictions about a character's journey based on the exposition of a play or scene and write a five line monologue in the characters voice.

Ok teachers- your turn- play ! Ask me for for help or reach out to your EL department at your school- they are always willing to help.

This will be an expectation at every school for 2019-2020 so let's start the conversation now.

A perfect segue...see what I did there???

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Deadline Extended

Take advantage of this opportunity to display and celebrate your students' work. Please send all submissions by February 22.

For flyers in Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin:

Framingham High School

Framingham High School Students' Photography On Display At Museum

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A wonderful art reception at Perini

We Are So Many Colors Exhibit

Arts Announcements

Public Comment Draft of Arts Framework Released

As the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education prepares for its meeting on February 12, DESE posted the Public Comment Draft of the revised ArtsFramework on its website this week. You can read the memorandum regarding the draft document here:

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Dunning Artists Spread Peace Through Art

Painting with Magnets

Grade five art teachers will be supporting the grade five Science MCAS curriculum with this lesson on Painting with Magnets. This lesson was developed by Eliza Caulkins from Hemenway in collaboration with our district STEAM coach PJ Feyman. I have seen the model lesson in action and the kids loved it! Art teachers should be in conversation and collaboration with the classroom teachers to work this lesson into our work sometime during early March. Please send me some photos of the kids at work on this lesson and/or invite me to see the lesson in action. Arts integration in Action in Framingham!

Professional Development Day

Our staff took and offered some great Professional Development on Friday. Special congratulations to Lauren for offering a Hamilton Dance Workshop. Check out the video of teachers dancing in the "Room where it Happened!"

Please join Chris and me for our METG Entry

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