Nuclear Fusion Press Release

December 11th, 2015

My Discovery

Today is perhaps the best day in history. Today we (Micro Lab) have just learned how use nuclear fusion as an energy source.

Nuclear Fusion

We use Nuclear fission is when you take atoms and split them apart to harness and create energy. We already have this and we do this in nuclear power plants. Nuclear Fusion however, is when small parts of atoms join to create power. This is the complete opposite of Nuclear Fission.

Safety Concerns

Nuclear Fusion can be very traumatic however. It can cause ginormous nuclear explosions. Some precautions we have taken is making the plant in space so no harm will be done to planet Earth.

The economy

The economy will boost because we will have unlimited energy. We have nuclear fusion and nuclear fission at Micro Lab, not only will we become rich, a lot of other companies will as well.