Carr's Kiddos

This Week in First Grade

Week of November 11-15, 2013

Dear Families,

Thanks to everyone who came to Parent-Teacher Conferences. It was so good to have an opportunity to sit down and talk with you about your child's progress. Please let me know if you have had any problem accessing their progress reports online or have any questions about their marks.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us as we look toward the holidays. Please make sure you take a look at the upcoming activities and some reminders about our daily activities and expectations.

A quick word about breakfast at school. You should have received an email about the breakfast that is offered daily at school. It begins to be served when the student bell rings to let the students in the building at 8:35. Please let me know if your child is NOT allowed to purchase breakfast. If I haven't heard from you that they are not allowed, they will be allowed to purchase a breakfast. Also, it would help greatly that if your child IS to purchase breakfast, that he/she arrives at school as close to 8:35 as possible, so that their eating time does not run over into our learning time.

Please keep an eye on the forecast and make sure your child is prepared for the colder temperatures at recess. Our rule of thumb is that they have to wear to recess whatever they wore to school. We've moved into the days of long pants and sweaters. Even though the temperature may look like a light jacket might be adequate, the wind can really pick up and be quite chilly on the playground. Keep in mind that everyone goes outside for recess, regardless of what they are wearing.

This week we celebrated our Walk-a-Thon achievement of 100% participation with a Pajama Day. The kids really enjoyed taking part in this special activity. However, a Pillow Pet was lost by one of our friends. If you notice a green turtle pillow pet laying around that wasn't previously part of your household, please send it in. Sometimes things get stuffed into the wrong backpack by mistake and we might be accidentally take it home. Our friend will be grateful to have it returned to him.

We all enjoy celebrating special events, but please remember that in an effort to promote healthy food choices, Darby Creek is requesting a move toward healthy celebrations. If you would like to provide a treat for your child's birthday, please be mindful of choosing a treat that would be a healthier choice. You can find some suggestions on the "Class Celebrations" page of our website. In the past, we have enjoyed pretzels, grapes, fruit snacks, pencils, etc. Celebrations can also be in the form of a gift to the class given in your child's name such as a book donation. As we have a variety of food-related allergies in our class, this also helps to assure the safety of all of our students as well as allowing everyone to join in the celebration without exclusion.

As always, if there is anything you need to know, but can't find on the web site, please send me an email and let me know. It is there for all of us, so I want to make sure that you are getting the most out of it too.

Thanks, and have a great week!

Mrs. Carr

Curriculum Happenings


We have been working on orally counting forward to 120 and backward from 20. We are beginning our work on number combinations. Students are learning what numbers make 10 for automatic recall. We are also working on different ways to represent numbers. If given a number, such as 8, they can show 8 in pictures, tally marks, number sentences, dice and domino patterns, and a number story.


We are learning what it means to be a scientist and what scientists do. We have learned that scientists make observations. They use their senses to make observations and then they talk about, draw about, and think about what they observed. They ask questions and make predictions. We now have mealworms, which are going to be the subject of our observations for the next few months.


We have been working on describing characters in our reading. We don't just think about what they look like, but also how they feel, act, and what they are like. We are also working on strategies that we use when we read and reading with fluency and expression.


In our writing, we are telling personal narratives. These are stories that we tell about things that have happened to us. Anything that we have done can be turned into a story. We will also be learning how to start sentences with capital letters, use punctuation, and re-read our writing.

A Few Reminders

Please Take Note...

Specials: Please check the weekly Specials schedule on the Home page of our web site and make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes on our Gym days. For their own safety, they will not be able to participate without appropriate footwear.

• Lunch Reminders: Help your child practice his/her lunch number if they don't already know it. Also, make sure they know what they are choosing for lunch before they arrive at school. It will make lunch time go much more smoothly.

• Family Picture: If you have not already sent in a 3x5 or 4x6 family picture for our gallery, please do so. We aren't complete without you!

• Time For Kids: As mentioned in the Beginning of the Year letter, please send in a check for $4.42 made out to Time For Kids for our year subscription. (The checks are sent directly to the company and they will not accept cash.) This is a very valuable science/social studies resource for our class. (If you are unable to send a check, please contact Mrs. Carr.)

• Twitter: Remember to follow us on Twitter! Our goal is to Tweet out our learning 2-3 times per week. Our Tweets are so much more meaningful with someone to read and reply to them.

• Media Center: Although there is a 2-week due date, the students can return their library books at any time; we do not have a set library day. They simply put their clip in the library basket whenever they are ready to go.

• Birthday Treats: Please keep in mind that we are trying to encourage healthier choices in our meals, snacking, and treats. See the "Class Celebrations" page on our website for suggestions. If you have a birthday coming up, please contact Mrs. Carr to make arrangements for that.

• Communication: If you have to send something to Mrs. Carr, such as a note or lunch money, make sure it goes in the student's book selection folder. Those are checked daily. Papers and envelopes that are just put loose in the backpack will not be found. As always, the most reliable form of communication (when possible) is email.

• Early Dismissal: We often find that it is necessary for parents to pick their children up from school before the end of the day, either to go out of town, go to doctor's appointments, etc. As we are trying to make the most of every minute we have, it would be much appreciated if you could let Mrs. Carr know ahead of time if this is the case to minimize the learning missed by the student.

• School Directory: The school directory is now LIVE on the Darby Creek PTO website! Just go to and click on the "Forms & Reports" heading and select "Directory." When you click on the button to "View Darby Creek Elementary Directory", you will be asked for the password. Your password is: DarbyDirectory13-14 (this is case sensitive with no spaces). Please protect your password and information in the directory. This should be used within our Darby Creek community only. From there, you may print the PDF version of the directory and/or search the PDF form for a specific student (using the Control F function on your computer). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Samantha Brill at

Upcoming Events

11/27-29: Thanksgiving Break

12/4: Late Start Day

12/6: PTO Winter Wonderland Event, 5:30-7:30pm

12/10: 3rd Grade Winter Musical, 7:00pm

12/23-1/3: Winter Break