Sanders' Sunflowers

Classroom Newsletter

Week of March 17-21,2014

Information and Reminders

  • Please help your child memorize his/her part at home.
  • I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day
  • In the play all students will wear blue jeans and tennis shoes. The girls will need to wear a yellow t-shirt and the boys will need to wear a red t-shirt. Our whole class will sing "Cute Chicks".

Important Dates

Mar. 17- MAP math testing

Mar. 19- end of 3rd nine weeks

Mar. 24- no school for students

Mar. 27- first grade play EIEIOOOOOPS at 6:30 at Wren High School Auditorium

Mar. 27- spring picture day: Report cards go home

Apr. 4- Peace Center field trip

Apr. 14-18 - spring break

Important Connections and Links

This is a direct link to my email and my website. I have also included the school's phone number.


Story of the Week: A Butterfly Grows


- sequening events

-reading words with -oo,-ew,-ou with the sound in words (boot, new, you)

- reading and using pronouns and verbs in sentences ( using he,she, it, we and they with is, are, was, were)

There will be a spelling and sight word test on Friday this week.

Sight Words:

1. also 2. kind 3. upon 4.anything 5. places

6. warm 7. flower 8. ready 9. fly 10. their


We will continue practicing addition and subtraction to 10 to build speed and accuracy with math facts.The class will also continue working on how to solve addition and subtraction word problems. Students will also be working on time to the hour and half hour. We have also begun to learn about solid shapes (cone, sphere, pyramid, cube, and rectagular prism). The students have begun an introduction to fractions.

Science/Social Studies

We will finish our study of voting, citizenship, rule, laws and our government.


Read the story A Butterfly Grows in the Journeys Story Summary Folder

Mon. - practice sheet; spelling words

Tues. - practice sheet:spelling words

Thurs. - practice sheet; spelling words

Fri. - spelling and sight word test; reading response journal is due back