Plan early for Success

How to make Kim's transition smooth!

How? A transition meeting! Why ?

A transition meeting is set in place to make a transition for a student from one stage in their life to the next as smooth and comfortable as possible. The meeting also serves the purpose of ensuring that there are coordinated transition plans for exceptional students to ensure that all their needs and goals are met so they are both happy and successful in school.

Who will be at the transition meeting?

The process of creating a transition involves a number of parties who wil work in the best interest of the child.

  • the child's parents
  • preschool service providers
  • school board staff
  • healthcare and community workers or other support staff if necessary

They will all work together to ensure:

  • the students needs and strengths are appropriately represented
  • the goals created are achievable and realistic
  • the student will have access to appropriate supports for their success

How does the whole process work?

  • Upon identifying the need for a transition plan a referral will be made to a program planning team who take responsibility for the students transition needs.
  • The team will develop a plan based on your child's specific strengths and needs.
  • The team will provide continuous tracking and monitoring of your child's success.
  • The team will review your child's progress at least two times each school year and adjust the plans accordingly.

What is the role of all parties concerned?

  • The student - Make a commitment to the success of the plan
  • Parents/family members - provide support and assistance to the student, provide any additional information that will make the transition smooth for the child
  • Teachers - provide observations on the students strengths and needs and can help to gather information necessary to help develop the transition plan.
  • School board administrators - create an environment to support the transition plan.
  • Community service and health care providers - provide specific information of needs the students may have and availability of services available outside of school.

How will it help for the future?

The early years are so important for a child's success in school. The earlier this plan is put in place, the smoother the transition will be and the easier it will be for the student's road to success with every possible necessity put in place.