Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky

A Famous Russia Music Composer By William Cooper

Personal life

The story of how he bocame famous.....................

He was a composer that was born on May 7,1840 in Vyatka,Russia. When he was five he took piano lessons.the parents liked.His early passion for piano and they hoped he would grow up to work in the civil service.At ten years Tchaikovsky (his nickname is that)He attended the Imperial School of Jurisprudence a bording school in St.Petersburgin 1854.

His mother died in Cholera in 1854, when he was fourteen years old. .In 1859,tchaikovsky honored his parents' wishes by talking up a bureau clerk post hold for four years,during which time he became incresingly fascinated with music.

Composed list

Dance of the sugar plum fairies from The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker Suite

1812 Overture

Sleeping beauty:Waltz

Piano concerto No.1

Swan Lake:Scene

Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy overture


Violin Concerto in D major

Minature Overture from The Nutcracker

Lullaby Op


Swan lake-Dance of the Swans

Scene [From Swan Lake]

Serenade for strings in C major

[Some of what he composed]

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