Stamp Act of Congress

October 7, 1765

What was the Stamp Act of Congress?

Representatives from the British colonies in North America gathered to elect representatives from several American colonies to devise a unified protest against new British taxation. The British would go on to tax the colonists' without their knowledge.

What led to the Stamp Act of Congress?

The tax needed to be paid with British currency instead of colonial dollars, which made it difficult for the colonists to pay. Those who violated the Stamp Act could be tried without a jury. They also passed it without the colonists' consent. This caused the Boston Tea Party.

Where the colonists' mad? And how did they react?

The colonists' were the most affected by this Act placed on them by the British. With all of this taxation the colonists were angry with the British due to the over taxing placed on goods. These people are Patriots because they wanted to become independent from British control and taxation.

How did this worsen the relationship between Great Britiain and the colonists?

Considering the goods were being taxed and it was a waste of the peoples money, they were very angry with Great Britain. The colonist did not see a point in why they were getting taxed so much on normal goods, so they were not happy.
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