Natural gas

By:Trent Vessels

Natural gas

Natural gas is formed by plants, tiny sea animals, rock, and Sand.

How is this natural resource used

Used as a fuel to produce steel, gas, paper, clothing, brick, and electricity. It's also used to heat buildings.

Is this a renewable or nonrenewable resource

Nonrenewable, usually due to the long time it takes for them to be replenished renewable resources are replineshed naturally and over relatively short periods of time

We're is this resource found most abundantly

Often found near oil deposits. Deposits of natural gas close to the earths surface are usually dwarfed by near by oil deposits

If this resource is nonrenewable what are some ways to converse or alternative to using this resource

.turn it of, turn it down, keep it clean

.pay attention to the thermostat

.check the ductwork for leaks

.set headed makeup air duct thermostat to 55 f