China Lifts One-Child Policy

By:Sadie Meador

The Policy

Everyone has heard of the very controversial policy in the Country of China, allowing only a single child to each couple residing there. This procedure was implemented in the late 1970's to counter act the major population boom in China. Although throughout the years, exceptions have been made. A study in 2007 showed that only nearly forty percent of the population still had to abide by the restriction.

Is This Policy Still In Effect?

No, as of Thursday, October thirtieth 2015, the policy has been lifted! There was revision to the law in January of 2014 stating that it allowed couples up to two children, but only if the father and/or mother is an only child. Now every couple is allowed two children.

Why Change It Now?

The change in policy is due to an ever so quickly aging population in china. This growing problem there is putting pressure on their government. The rapidly graying population of China. This new found predicament could cause a lot of strain in the years to come for their economy as well as elderly care systems, so the government is trying desperately to counteract this developing issue.

Policy Is Put into place

Monday, Sep. 25th 1978 at 12am


One couple is aloud only one child.

First Revision of the Policy

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 12am


if the mother or father is an only child they are aloud two children.

Latest Revision To The policy

Friday, Oct. 30th, 12am


All couples are aloud two children.