El Tiempo Es Oro

Time is gold


Unidad 2

Unit 2 has finally been completed by the students after having a week without school and then days following that. Last Friday students took Unit 2 Test 2 which covered the verb to be, SER, adjectives, nouns, like and dislike, and weather expressions. The students also turned in their Unit 2 project and presented them to the class. Congratulations to those who did, you did a great job and it also took great courage.
The students will continue to be encourage to speak in class and also outside of class. There are many ways students can practice Spanish, listening to the radio, watching television or YouTube, Dualingo, and other apps online.


Unidad 3 School

This week the students started Unit 3 where they will learn to speak about their school life. They will start by learning school vocabulary, expand on classes, their favorite class and why, and the likes and dislikes for each one. The will also describe their teachers and fellow classmates. They will use previous vocabulary to expand their conversations and writing. They will also learn to conjugate regular verbs and be able to state things they do for each class in school. And finally they will learn how to tell time. Wrapping this unit up before Spring Break as well as their Unit 3 project.