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If you missed Regional Rally 2016 in Richmond, Virginia, no fear! Here is your chance to get a quick run down...

  • Debut of 2016 Spring Collection, don't forget to order your catalogs!
  • New Six Month Challenge
  • New Premier App for Jewelers available for free in the Apple App store and Google Play. Check it out today!
  • Teresa Prescott was the #5 Sponsor in the Region!
  • Melanie Kent won the Grand Prize of $1,000 Cash in a Drawing
  • Inspiring Words from Premier's Leadership Team and Creative Trainings
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A Note from Jessica

Dear Team,

I am so excited to start 2016 with each of you by my side! We have a wonderful year ahead of us full of new hopes, dreams and GOALS to accomplish! Where do you want to take your business this year? You must have a goal to change your present situation to a better situation! Do you need extra money for your child's schooling? Pay down debt? Shoe money?! Whatever you need is, set a goal and work towards it every day. Post your goal on the bathroom mirror so you see it while you're getting ready in the morning. Chase your dreams by accomplishing your goals, and you will thank yourself at the end of 2016 when you reflect on what an amazing year you had.

I am so grateful to have a team with so many wonderful ladies, who bring SO MUCH to the table in a variety of ways! Lets make 2016 our best year ever!


Happy Birthday

Kristal McKenrick: January 20th
Kelly Pullen: January 26th


Melanie Kent, Poolesville, MD, Joined November 3rd

Hello, my name is Melanie and I live in Poolesville, MD. I have two sons and have been married for almost seven years. I have only lived in this part of the country for a few years. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA up until I made the decision to join the Army when I graduated from high school. My journey in the military took me to places all over the country and even to South Korea. After meeting my husband and deciding to start a family, I went to college and became a special educator. I live for my family and love my job! I thought I was set, until the opportunity to be a part of Premier was shared with me. I heard about PD from a friend (my amazing sponsor, Teresa) and saw how much she truly loved what she was doing by serving others and working for an organization with strong values. I decided that I had to check it out for myself, especially since I was buying so much jewelry! I am so glad I decided to take a leap and try something new! I am loving Premier Designs and the newfound friends I have made in my PD family! Working for an organization like PD is a privilege and I feel that my place in this company is even more valued then I could ever imagine. My leaders have been so welcoming and supportive and have made my short time as a jeweler truly life changing. Sitting at Regional Rally this month I was further inspired by the incredibly dedicated leaders and jewelers I had the privilege to meet and listen to. I have a new confidence and a drive to grow my business and to share the PD core values with others who paths I may cross. Also, I am happy to know that no matter where life may take my family and I, I will always have my PD family near or far. - Melanie Kent

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, 2/1: Training in Frederick County, time & place TBD

Tuesday, 2/9 : If you attended Rally, you will receive an extra 30% off your Spring Jewelry Collection samples! If you did not attend Rally, you receive an extra 10% off!

Monday, 3/7: Training in Montgomery County, time & place TBD

No Excuses Group

Conference calls at 9PM on:

Sunday, 2/28

Sunday, 3/20

Sunday, 4/24