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Leading and Learning: CHASE PERFECTION?

Since nothing is ever perfect, the pursuit of perfection will only lead us to chase an invisible, moving target. It is the imperfections and mistakes that we must workaround, and grow with, that help us achieve success. I know that when my best-developed plans appear to be broken, they usually help lead me to new places and new solutions that fix other broken things in my life. We have to remind ourselves, it is not about being perfect, it’s about improving. It’s not about the goal, but the process to reach the goal. It is about our response to circumstances that define us, not getting it right every time. The only thing that truly helps us improve is working towards a higher purpose every day. Any story other than that is probably a lie.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • teachers who have helped us fill classrooms this week.
  • Joe Leonard and the Student Council for organizing the Homecoming Dance on Saturday.
  • Stacy Matlock, Sam Hanley, and the Booster Club for organizing next week's spirit days.
  • the Performing Arts Department for hosting band and choir concerts over the past week. Orchestra is up next on Tuesday, September 28 at 8 pm. It is great to have music concerts back in the auditorium!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 9: Grateful Friday Challenge

These first few days of Fall have not disappointed, well once that rain moved out on Wednesday. The air is crisp, the media is flooding us with ideas of pumpkin spice and all things “Fall nice.” We have football options Thursday through Monday, and with the decrease in the heat outside, this must truly be one of the best times of the year. (Cue random song for the week: This Time of Year by Better Than Ezra.)

We are closing in on October, quite possibly the fastest month of the school year in less than a week- and then Fall Break is right around the corner and a glorious two-week break lies in store for all of us! One thing that always makes me excited for this time of year is the memories that I know will be made in the next few weeks. They are not high-pressure memories like around the big holidays where lots of money is spent in the hopes of bringing smiles or checking off lists. These are slow memories, ones that are not hurried, ones that are not forced, ones where the people who are present and the time spent together doing pumpkin patches, haunted houses, hayrides, drinking hot chocolate or hot cider, and looking at the changing of the leaves are the gifts.

Today, for the SHSGFC, think about that one fall activity that you are most looking forward to, take 30 seconds or longer if you have it, and picture all the sights and sounds, and smells that are associated with the event. Who is there? What are you doing? Think about how great that activity is going to be when you get to be living it. Notice the smile on your face? Notice the lightness in your heart? That could be because it is Friday, but it could also be because that idea is going to be a great memory in a few weeks. Keep smiling all day long, you deserve it! Many great memories are on the horizon.

Happy Friday, Cardinals!

Celebrate on! With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Turk White

Mr. White's Business Math students are working to create a balance a bank account. Students are working through the process of deposits and withdrawals to determine a balance for a bank account. Through this process, students are building a better understanding of how they can manage money and keep the bank account positive.

Tim Jamriska

Mr. Jamriska's English students are discussing the American Dream. Students have responded to prompts about what the American Dream means to them. The students then watched a video from a culturally diverse background and then responded to another prompt about what the American Dream really means and how they can strive to build a positive future for themselves in this nation.

Jorie DePalma

Mrs. DePalma is helping to support a new club at Southport, Cardinals Creating Connections for Cardinals. Creating Connections for Cardinals is a new student led club with the goal of support other students at Southport. This week, students participated in QPR training during iPass. This training is designed to help students support other students that may be struggling with severe mental health issues.

Amanda Schnepp and Rachel Frantz

Ms. Frantz and Mrs. Schnepp's biology students visited our pre-school at PTEC this week. The students created presentations around an environmental issue that they wanted to teach to the pre-schoolers. The pre-school students rotated through groups to learn more and play games that helped bring awareness to our youngest about issues that can impact our environment.

Paige Wyatt

Mrs. Wyatt's English students are reading The Crucible. The class was working on developing a better understanding of what they have read. They worked to create metaphors to make sense of the themes and issues presented in The Crucible. While reading, students are also watching portions of the movie to help build understanding and drive better classroom discussions.

Educational Humor

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