South American Music

How South American Music Relates To Its Culture

About South American Music

In South America, they have music like Salsa, Bachata, Tango, and Merangue. They consist of instruments like: Trumpet, Bongo, and Maracas
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When Is Traditional South American Music Played?

They normally play this type of music in festivals, like the Rio Carnival.
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What happens during these carnivals?

Using b El Callao Carnival as an example. In these carnivals, there are dancers (Madamas) that wear traditional headscarves and robes, and there are "Devils" that put on a scary masks, along with red and black costumes. Sometimes people in the carnival dress up like Superman or Snow White. Other carnivals are very similar to this, with different costumes. They dance to some songs

Video clip of South American Music

Samba dance carnival music of Brazil Bossa Nova , Samba music and Salsa Music

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On South American Culture

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