ARTG News For The Week of 4/8/16

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Welcome to the ARTG Weekly News.

Welcome to the ARTG Weekly News. I hope you all enjoy the first edition! If you do, please consider voting by clicking on the FeedBack Title.

-Manager Ridz

Ads and Reporter Recruits.

If you want to be a Reporter for the ARTG News, here are the job openings and requirements.

-You must be active.

-You must get the President's approval, and the Manager (Riddhi's) approval.

-You must contribute.

-You must act responsibly.

-You must be open to everyone's opinions and ideas.

The Job Openings Are

Formatters (1) Pictures

If you're interested contact Riddhi.

Contact Riddhi when you make purchases.

Ads: $5 for a small picture ad with a subtitle. $10 for a big picture ad with a subtitle. $20 for a picture (big or small) with a paragraph. If you want a short interview, its $30. However, if you are requested for an interview its free. In addition, you can also get a Digital Comic for $20. If you purchase something, tell Ashrey or Amy and they can update the bank accounts. (Note: When you buy something the money will be deducted from your account and added onto an account.)

-Manager Ridz


Just yesterday, on Thursday, the results of the presidential race where counted. After a long and hard fought battle between the "B" Party representative Amy Wang, the "E" Party representative Turtle, and all the Independents, Amy Wang emerged victorious. Amy Wang is the ARTG's third president. Congratulations! As the previous president, I know that you'll do great! She has served before as Director of the FBI/NSA, the Internet & Technology Manager, a recruiter, a flag maker, a writer here at the Weekly News, Department of Education, Secretary of Treasury, and Vice President (+like a thousand other things for the job contest). She won by a whopping ten votes! That's more than any president has ever won! Also, congratulations to our runners-up, Jeremy Martino, Sonia Srinivasan, Ben Botnik, and Justin Chin, who each had one vote! You'll get 'em next time!

-Andrew VanLangen


As you know, Ryan Lee and McKenna Groff have both resigned. McKenna left because and I quote, "I am no longer part of the government Everyones being fired and it's confusing Idk who 2 trust so i'm saying good bye" We will attempt to rehire McKenna after we make it less confusing, because she kind of has a point. Ryan Lee just wants a vacation. I asked if he had an estimate of how long his vacation would be and he responded, "maybe for about a week." We wish them both a good future and hope they will join the ARTG soon. UPDATE: As of today, Friday, April 8th, Godfather Ryan Lee has come back.

-Andrew VanLangen

Factions Of Actions

Government leaders have recently devised a system of groups based on level of activity. Basically, the new system would divide government members into Groups A and B, Group A consisting of active members and Group B including the inactive. Though all citizens have equal rights as always, Group A members will receive all emails and the weekly news, while Group B members will simply receive the more government-relevant and important emails, such as forms and the weekly news. They could also be updated through talking to people in school. This way, people who send out emails know who to send them to so that they will be read, seen, and responded to. The new group system is an efficient and effective way to communicate, and also provides an incentive to pay attention to what happens in the A.R.T.G. Ex-President VanLangen remarks: "I believe this is a great way to encourage people to be more active. It also rewards active members for being active."

Group A Members:






Ryan (when he comes back)





Group B Members:


In Group B and want to be promoted? Just respond to emails, contact the president or vice president, or show your activeness to move up to Group A!

-Amy Wang

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Andrew VanLangen: Parties Advertisement

If you didn’t know the ARTG has an amazing party system that was developed by Ryan Lee. The only current parties are the “B (Bravo)” Party and the “E (IDK what E means, probably Enzo since he made the party)” Party. The “B” Party is a firm believer in reforming what we currently have, and becoming organized. The “E” Party believes in making treaties with other governments. Don’t like either of those parties? Well, don’t worry! You can create your own party! You will create the beliefs of your party. However, the party may or may not actually be created. For a party to be created, it has to get at least three members in a week. I strongly encourage you to join a party or make your own, because if you’re not in a party, you can’t vote in the primaries. The primaries, which determine the candidates for the final election, are where it gets really interesting (at least in the “B” Party). The primaries are always much closer than the final election. In the final election, you may be able to predict a winner, but in the primaries, nothing is guaranteed. Also, anyone who isn’t in a party is considered an Independent. Independents are automatically put on the final ballot, however they won’t have the support of an entire party behind them. Currently the Independents are, Rushy Sharan, Ben Botnik, Sonia Srinivasan, Gabby Millano, Jeremy Martino, Justin Chin, Morgan Hodorowski, Mohsin Zia, Aarnav Vyas, and Jason Wang. So if any of you Independents are reading this ad, please join a party, for your own good.

-Andrew VanLangen

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Riddhi Advertisement: Check Your Gmail Everyday!

Citizenship Tests

While I was President, I made a citizenship test. It's only been made for like a week. Now, whenever we want to hire someone they will receive a document made to study for the test. They will be given the document for a few days to study. Then they will be banned and they will take the test.

-Andrew Vanlangen

Amy's Campaign Slogan Winners

Last Week, before the presidential election, Amy's campaign slogan winners were announced. Here are the results.

-Manager Ridz

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Apparently, for my entire two terms, I've been emailing the wrong Nidhi Shah. I would like to say sorry. However, some good came from this as well, because I hired the other Nidhi Shah's cousin, Miraj Vakil. He was the first person to take the citizenship test. It has proven very effective.

-Andrew VanLangen

New Jobs

This week, there have been many new jobs taken by the ARTG members. First, Amy Wang has become president. She has requested for Ashrey to get another job, so if Ashrey agrees to get another job he will get another job too. (lol a lotta another jobs.) Andrew Vanlangen has become vice president. Also, I have become the Secretary of Health and Human Services, along with Amy's presidential advisor. For the Secretary of Health and Human Services, my job is to make peace :) There will be many changes made to the cabinet, as each president can choose their own cabinet. All of Andrew's cabinet members (Akash Iyer, Ashrey Mahesh, TyTy Leung, Rushy Sharan, Derek Wang, Turtle, and Justin Chin) should check on the document to see if their cabinet position changed. She has also added a new cabinet position called the Secretary of Speech.

Also, all the people who are inactive but are interested in being active, please contact Amy, me, or Andrew, and we will give you a job to do.

-Manager Ridz

Checks and Balances

We've had this for a long time, but no one has really payed attention to it. It's our checks and balances document. However, we are giving this document new importance. We are making many edits, changes, and tweaks to the document to make it more important. Check it out, because if you don't pay attention to this then all your decisions may be ignored. This is one of our most important documents. -Akash Iyer

Thanks for Reading.