Wildcat Weekly

April 11, 2016

Students of Promise -- the EOS Initiative

When you get a chance, thank your colleagues for their ongoing work on the initiative to encourage more students from diverse backgrounds to take AP classes. Wednesday night we held our first AP Family Night. While the turnout was small -- about 30 students and their families --the impact was great. Anthony Mason created and shared a powerful presentation on the impact of AP. See if you can access it here: AP Family Night (It's a google slide show, but I don't know if it's openly available.) He also shared his personal story of how academic rigor prepared him for a successful future.

These staff members have been meeting regularly and will continue to do so as we find ways to support these students and continue to encourage academic growth. Thanks to all.

Mandy Arnold, Karin Ball, Jeff Brooks, Lisa Brown, Pam Clark, Jacqueline Dillon, Allison Garrison, Lauren Gregory, Nora Henson, Becky Heslep, Giovanna James, Andy Jacob, Junie Jones, Shanique Leonard, Steve Leonard, Alex Marbukh, Anthony Mason, Debbie O'Reilly, Aimee Ratliff, Bruce Richardson, Leann Ross, Fred Sanders, Greg Shields, Bryan Spiritus, Bryan Yee

Spring Fling

Friday, April 15th, 11:45am-1:30pm

PSHS Counseling Office

Please come by to unwind and have a little snack from your Counselors and Registrars!

Wildcat Sports!


  • JV CATS & VARSITY CATS vs. Flower Mound, Tuesday, April 12th at PSHS. JV plays at 4:30pm & Varsity at 7:30pm.

  • JV CATS & VARSITY CATS vs. Flower Mound, Friday, April 15th at Flower Mound. JV plays at 5:00pm & Varsity at 8:00pm.


  • JV & VARSITY LADY CATS vs. McKinney Boyd, Tuesday, April 12th at McKinney Boyd. JV plays at 5pm & Varsity at 7pm.


  • WILDCATS at District 6-6A Meet, Wednesday, April 13th and Thursday, April 14th at Marcus Stadium in Flower Mound.

Notable Alumnus!

Binna Kim graduated in 2013. She was just elected VP of the Student Senate at UT Austin! Here's the story: https://www.dailytexanonline.com/2016/04/07/the-never-ending-story-helgren-and-kim-to-start-term

End of Six Weeks

From the Registrar:

  • The six weeks will end on Friday the 15th of April. Grades will be picked up on Wednesday the 20th by 3:30 P.M.
  • The report cards will be placed in 2nd period teacher’s mailboxes for distribution on Friday, April 22nd.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE clear Incomplete grades and let me know the grades !
  • Thanks!

Staff Info

I. Important information about May 27:

May 27th Second Inclement Weather/Professional Development Day

May 27th is listed as a “Teacher Work Day/Professional Development Day.” Campuses will design professional development experiences for staff on this day and/or it can be a teacher work day. Teachers should be in attendance to work on this day; however, if a teacher requests an absence, the following guidelines will be used:

Board Policy DEC Local addresses this under “Schedule Limitations”

“Discretionary use of leave shall not be allowed on the first day of school, the day before a school holiday, the day after a school holiday, days scheduled for end-of-semester or end-of-year examinations, days scheduled for state-mandated assessments or other District-approved tests, or professional development days.

The principal may approve use of personal leave on these days after considering the effect of the employee’s absence on the educational program or District operations, as well as the availability of substitutes.”


II. FACULTY DISCUSSIONS: The link below will take you to the list of topics we will be discussing in groups on April 13 in lieu of a traditional faculty meeting.


III. Below is a document put together by the district with FAQ's regarding next year's days of flexible professional development.


IV. Also, on @pshstxlearns, you will find more articles about mindfulness, technology, and various classroom activities that have recently been posted.

V. The Religious/Holy Day calendar for 2016-17 has been posted to InsidePISD, please go to “Communications” and then the “Guides & Calendars” tab. Here is the link: http://inside.pisd/communications/style.guide.shtml

VI. The Plano ISD Board of Trustees heard reports and took action on items outlined in the attached school board update at the April 5 meeting.

The full agenda, with links to supporting documents and presentations, can be viewed on BoardBook at: https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicHome.aspx?ak=43910

The board meetings calendar can be viewed at:


PDAS Process

Your last step in the appraisal process is to complete Parts II and III in Eduphoria. It's listed under "My Self Report" as Summative Questions.

Part II is fairly straightforward.

Part III is about professional development. Please use question 7 to reflect on your experience in Instructional Rounds, Collegial coaching, or Videoing your own lesson. What did you learn? How did it change your practice?

As you know, we will be moving into a new appraisal system next year called T-Tess. It encourages self-reflection and professional growth. Use question 9 to identify some potential areas of your practice to refine.

Please complete this portion of PDAS by April 30. Thanks.

ETSI 2016

The Technology Department will once again host ETSI, training for teachers who would like to increase their own knowledge of appropriate technology integration techniques and who are looking for leadership opportunities on campus. Please consider applying.

Click here to apply: Application for ETSI 2016!

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Spanish for Educators

We are having our Spanish for Educators summer mini-course again! (Please see attached flier) It is offered only for PISD staff.

A quick view about the levels offered this time:

The Beginners group will cover the basics of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading, present indicative, cultural differences.

The Intermediate group pre-supposes the participant already went through basics (Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading, cultural differences) and want to go deeper (past indicative, command mode, conditionals, culture, etc). Conversation and reading are part of the program but not the center of it.

The Advanced group is for those who already went through intermediate level (past indicative, command mode, conditionals, etc) and want to complete the curriculum (perfect tenses, subjunctive, culture, etc). Conversation and critical reading are part of the program but not the center of it. Specific vocabulary and phraseology will be practice.

As previous years, you will get CU hours for it.

If interested, please contact Rina Nittolo, and register in the level you will attend by 6/5/2015.


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Upcoming Bond

As you are studying the PISD bond proposal, here are two more pieces of information to include in your consideration. These slides were presented by the Superintendent at last week's principals' meeting. The first slide compares next year's revenues with this year's and assumes no additional bond dollars. Note the rise in recapture, the money that must be sent to the state. It will rise as a result of property tax and aid amounts rising.
Big image


This is the estimate of the cost of running the district on a day-to-day basis, with added costs/reductions next year and again assuming no bond funds.
Big image

Upcoming Dates

April 11-15 -- National Library Week

April 14-16 -- Drill Team Spring Show

April 13 -- Faculty Discussions

April 13-14 -- District Track Meet

April 15 -- End 5th 6 weeks

April 15 -- Spring Fling in Counseling

April 15-18 -- Choir and Orchestra Trips

April 16 -- 1st Annual PSHS Car Show!

April 19 -- Every period. AP Pre-Administration in the Theatre: Students taking an AP exam need to report to the Theatre their first AP class of the day.

April 20 -- ALL STAFF: STAAR US History EOC Training, C111, lunches. ATTENDANCE REQUIRED

April 21 -- Leadership Meeting

April 21 -- National Merit Dinner

April 22 -- Stay Day

April 23 -- PISD Job Fair, 9-12, PWSH

April 25-29 -- Administrative Professionals Week, School Volunteers Week

April 27-29 -- Robotics to World Competition

April 30 -- Prom, Southfork

May 2 -- Last day for PO requests, Retail Card Requests and petty cash. Also last day to accept personal checks from parents or students (lost items, fees, transcripts, etc.).

May 2-13 -- AP Testing

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