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North Carolina

About Lenoir County

Lenoir county is in the region Kinston of North Carolina, which is shown in the picture to the right. It was founded in 1791 and got its name from a officer from the American Revolutionary war.(William Lenoir)

Natural landmarks/tourist attractions in Lenoir county

Some of the landmarks include, the CSS Neuse, and the Governor Richard Case well memorial. The main tourist attractions in Lenoir are the Indians class A building, and a auditorium of films about the civil war Kinston battle history.

County manager:

Facts about Lenoir County

There are 35 city council of the county seat, but where is the county seat? The county seat is in Kinston Lenoir. There are also several other counties that are on the border of Lenoir which include, Greene, Pitt, Jones, Duplin, and Craven County.