Tornadoes Safety Code Red

By Jayda & Isaiah

Tornadoes Saftey Tips

1.Stay inside during tornados.2. Stay away from metal & windows. 3. If you are in a mobile home get out. 4. Stay low and cover head. 5. Be prepared for medicine. 6. Stay away from wall. 7. If you are in a car get out and find a ditch. 8.Have a First Aid Kit & Survival Kit.

Tornadoes Forming

Tornadoes for with wind also as a funnel shape cloud. Tornadoes are very dangerous they can rip houses also damage cars make sure you have safety tips and a place to go. Stay out of mobile homes they can easily rip the top and remember to get down low on the ground in a corner and cover head.

Instructions on Safety

The instructions on safety is to keep a Safety Kit, and a Survival kit. Please get out of a mobile home if you have children keep them safe to make sure you get down on the ground and cover head with something heavy.