Week 5 - February 15 - 19

French I - Spring 2016

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La Cinquième Semaine

Welcome to Week 5! It's still cold outside, but things in the French I classrooms are heating up! Read below for more information about this week! All assignments for all courses are due this Friday, February 19!

Traditional Block:
This week students will finish Unit 3: Le Temps by discussing different structures for possession and how to ask questions and begin Unit 4: L'Heure with lessons on numbers and telling time. Assignments due this week include:

1. Le Temps, Writing 3A

2. Le Temps, Discussion 3B

3. Le Temps, Speaking 3C

4. Le Temps, Section 3 Quiz

5. Le Temps, Unit Exam

6. L'Heure, Discussion 1B

7. L'Heure, TPR Quiz 1C

8. L'Heure, Writing 1D

Year Long:

This week year-long students will continue work in Unit 7: La Famille. Assignments this week will expand on expressions of avoir and review regular -ER verbs. Assignments due this week include:

1. La Famille, Writing 1G

2. La Famille, Section 1 Quiz

3. La Famille, Writing 2C

4. La Famille, Speaking 2C

This is an off-week for progress reports. The next progress report is due from teachers on Tuesday, February 23 and will be available in registration the following Thursday.
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As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend live sessions with any French I instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. Instructors will communicate with students in course announcements should there be any change.

* Monday, 2/15 @ 9am w/ Mme (Unit 3)
* Monday, 2/15 @ 4:30pm w/ Mme Claire Driscoll (Unit 3)
* Monday, 2/15 @ 8pm w/ Mme Melissa Harrelson (Unit 3)
* Wednesday, 2/17 @ 1pm w/ Mme Nicole Swanson (Unit 3)
* Thursday, 2/18 @ 4pm w/ Mme Laura Summers (Unit 7 - YL Schedule)

Note that while the course calendars for Tradition, Early Calendar and Year-Long courses do not align, students may choose to attend any live session of their choosing. Students are also welcome to attend more than one session for extra practice! Students need to log in with both first and last name to ensure they receive credit for attendance. Those who phone in using the teleconference option need to identify themselves to the instructor presenting so their attendance is documented!

The Peer Tutoring Center - Virtual Buddy Program!

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We've highlighted the Peer Tutoring Center before as an excellent resource for students, but did you know they offer more than just tutoring services? Read the message below from the PTC blog to learn more about the Virtual Buddy Program!

Our Virtual Buddies are ready to help by lending a hand to students needing an extra little push, another reminder, a bit of time management guidance or encouraging words throughout the week. Do keep in mind, Virtual Buddies do not provide content specific support. While we do try to match students with a Virtual Buddy with experience in their course, we cannot guarantee it.

In essence, Virtual Buddies are student cheerleaders - motivating and encouraging students to keep them on track and hold them accountable to their course requirements each week.

Dream Francophone Destination by Season

Sections 1 & 2 - Mme Claire Driscoll

"My dream vacation would be to visit le Carnaval de Québec, au Canada, en hiver. Je voudrais voir les bonhommes de neige (snowmen), les palais de glace (ice castles), les sculptures de neige (ice sculptures), and much more! Of course, il fait très froid en hiver, so I would have to be well prepared with very warm clothing!"

Section 3 - Mme Mary Hansbrough

"My dream Francophone destination for l'hiver is St. Martin-St Maarten (The French and Dutch sides). I went there this past year in December and the weather was incredible. We did an America's Cup sailing challenge which was so much fun. One of the ship's crew was a Parisienne. Wonderful restaurants, shopping, beach, everything."

Section 4 - Mme Melissa Harrelson

"I would love to return to the Loire Valley en France. Les chateaux sont beaux! Then on toward the Alps where I remember having a wonderful meal at a petit bistro, outside under a tree in Aix-les-Bains, which is a small town in the Jura Mountains and at the base of the Alps. It was le quatorze juillet et mon marie et moi were watching a group of older men playing pétanque--a popular French games with "les boules". Everyone else was heading to Paris for the big Bastille celebrations, but the small town atmosphere on this day was parfait."

Section 6 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"I would love to be in the Ardèche region where I spent 18 months as a Parish Assistant. I spent most of my days visiting elderly and infirm members of the local protestant church. My days off I spent hiking, canoeing in the Gorges of Archèche, visiting ancient ruins, attending outdoor dramas in the old castles and fortresses nearby, and eating oh-so-yummy-and-tasty foods! Those 18 months I learned so much about the French culture and people. There is a richness to the culture that comes from being so tied to the land (outside of the big cities); its agricultural roots run deep and I learned that it is important to understand that part of the French culture in order to understand its people."

Section 7 & YL Section 1 - Mme Susan Cowan

"My dream francophone destination would be la Martinique en hiver. I love the Caribbean, but have never visited this island. The sunshine and warmth seem so inviting, especially when compared with the cold and 20hrs of darkness here in l'Écosse en hiver."

Section 8 - Mme Karen Miller

"I have always loved Christmas, so I think it would be amazing to visit Québec city during Noël en hiver. Québec has such a picturesque Old World feel - it would be like stepping back in time. La neige, les lumières, le décor - the snow, the lights, the decorations - they create an enchanting aura of magic that I would love to experience with my family."

YL Section 2 - Mme Laura Summers

"Mon anniversaire est le vingt-deux mars!"

YL Section 3 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"My dream destination is to be in Languedoc-Rouissillon in the summer (l'été) again, just like the summer I spent in Montpellier in 1996. It is forever etched in my mind as the perfect time and place to be in France...spending every afternoon on the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and then dinner and people watching every evening at Le Grand Café Riche on La Place de la Comédie. It was one of the best summers of my life and I'd love to relive it with my husband and children!"