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Queen Elizabeth the first \ 18nth Century

Queen Elizabeth the 1st

Elizabeth becoming queen was one of the smoothest transitions of England . Queen Elizabeth was always on top of things she made sure she was above the government and that her reign would not be like her sisters. Elizabeth always expected straight talk and no lies from everyone .

Queen Elizabeth is the greatest monarch in English history , she was a remarkable queen . Queen Elizabeth was only twenty five when she became queen and you can only think that could've very overwhelming and intense. Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich palace . Elizabeth's births was one of the most exiting and celebrated political events in the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth was a survivor of scandal and a danger considers that she was an illegimate to Europeans . As well you might think her family was perfect but they were far from perfect they had allot of family rumors an infedellites.

Queen Elizabeth was a very straight forward queen . She always made sure England was a safe and nice enviroment to everyone. Queen Elizabeth also stopped some of the bad wars in England . Queen Elizabeth was a very well know queen as well as liked by allot of people. Queen Elizabeth was known as the greatest monarch in English history .

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the 18nth Century

In the 18nth century there was big and exaggerated fashion its wigs and fashion has shifted to less heavy of portions. The wigs that they wear are called cardogens or tie wigs they go natural with the hair color . These wigs for men were popular and worn throughout the century .

In the 18nth century these wigs were affluent to women and women became fanciful in the middle of the century . False hair and padding were used to build to Good heights and great decorations. Poorer men usually dreamed to have a great wig but the usually got plainer wigs . There were wigs such as cardogen or tie wigs that could be worn with natural hair color these hairstyles became. Very very popular thing in the 18nth century . Then some started to wear them and then soon enough everyone was wearing one .

Fashion shifted from bulky an very exaggerated to wigs and smaller portioned fashion . Fashions a very important thing in This time period . It was a very fluent and the thin everyone wanted especially the nice wigs that build you to great hieghts.


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