Coaching News Update 2019

A menu of options!

Data Conversations - Next round of small bites is coming up quickly.

As you'll remember, we are trying a new structure for coaching this year. One of the menu items in which everyone will participate is data conversations following each district-wide assessment window. Start to plan for a 30 minute, one-on-one time to meet after your mid-year DRA and iReady data work is complete. We'll talk about what you noticed, and make some plans for any students that might be of concern. Please email me with two or three times/dates that might work for you. Renee has offered to join us for these meetings so include her in your email if you would like her to be part of this coaching opportunity. I'll send out a calendar invite to remind us both once we have agreed on a time slot that works. I'm looking forward to celebrating your students' progress with you and planning for continued growth in this second half of the year.

In the meantime, if you have questions about DRA levels, scoring, or anything else please let me know.

Small Bites: Coaching Meetings around data for everyone.

First up on the coaching menu this year for everyone is a starter! I would like to meet with you to help review and analyze your reading data. I can help set. or analyze SLO goals and data, and/or help with your plans for students that might be popping up with concerns. We will meet two additional times during the year: after mid-year and end-of-year assessments.

How often can I "eat out?"

Everyone will have the appetizers (above) and can choose an entree sometime during the first semester - some entrees could be with your team, though most are designed for individual consumption. How much you order off the menu after that is up to you. I hope that you will look through the menu to try something new. Many of the "salad" and "dessert" items are one time events that could be helpful now or second semester.

Chef/Coach Jill

Craving something not listed on the menu?

Order it anyway. The chef is always willing to collaboratively create new, off-menu items. We can be creative together.


The chef/coach is not an expert but does gather a wide range of ingredients/best practices and serving suggestions/resources from other customers. Coaching time is reserved for working with adults. Please stop in and see me, send an email or give me a call.