goverment is twisted!

Question everything!

5 guarenteed rights

1.Freedom to express yourself

2.Right to a fair trial by jury

3.Right to vote

4.Right to apply federal employment

5.Right to pursue " Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness."

what should a "Good Citizen" do?

A "Good Citizen" should obey and follow the laws, they should take every opportunity they have to vote. Also they should contribute to their government as much as need or possible.

Voting " AKA Waste of time."

You need to be 18 years of age in order to vote

Register with at least 3 proofs of identification

Be a citizen of the united states

It is important to vote because you would want to have a part in the play of your community and state and country

Positions and where they stand

Far Left: Democrat - More Government

Far Right: Republicans - Less Government

Liberal: Democrat - More Government

Conservative: Republicans - Less Government

Abortion- Democrats think that if the woman chooses to that she can have an abortion and are for it.

Abortion- Republicans think that abortion is murder and they are against it, because you are taking away a life

Marijuana- Democrats believe that marijuana use is ok, as long as it is for medical usage only

Marijuana- Republicans believe that marijuana should not be legal for either medical or recreational use