RMHS High Five Club

Celebrating Excellence in the Class of 2019

Kelly Ward

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About Kelly Ward:

This week the High Five Award is given to Kelly Ward for her exemplary attitude, which is marked by rigorous intellectual inquiry and genuine respect for those around her.

Kelly is a high-achieving student who earned entry to the RMHS chapter of the National Honor Society last year. Her course load this year is ambitious, as it currently includes six AP classes: Physics, Biology, Spanish, European History, English Literature, and Statistics. Her Stats teacher, Ms. Theissen, raves about Kelly’s approach in class saying, “Kelly cares about her academics because she cares about learning. She has natural curiosity and personal drive that cannot be taught.”

Kelly’s drive is evident across all of her classes. Over the years she has considered Dr. Ryan’s AP European History class, Ms. Lynch’s Honors British Literature class, and Mr. Buono’s AP Chemistry class as her favorites, though she is quick to point out how much she enjoys all of her classes. Kelly is a well-rounded student, but she does have a special interest in the sciences and has been a proud member of the RMHS Science Olympiad team for four years. Ms. Moore, the club’s advisor says, “: “Kelly has been an enthusiastic member of the Science Olympiad team since 9th grade, pushing our team to improve our standings in the statewide competition. As president this year, she has recruited new students to join, encouraged all team members to work hard to prepare for their events, and led by example, showing up for every practice and working hard while she is there. “

As committed as Kelly is to her studies, she is equally as committed to a number of leadership positions and activities outside the classroom. She is current president of both the National Honor Society and the Science Team. She contributes to The New Currency literary magazine. She has trained in dance for fifteen years, most recently at Encore Dance Academy. Last year, Kelly, with help from a number of other students, founded the RMHS Dance Marathon Club. Because of the vision and commitment of Kelly and the other group members, RMHS held its first ever Dance Marathon in support of Boston Children’s hospital and raised a remarkable $7800 in the process. The second RMHS Dance Marathon is tomorrow night in the fieldhouse from 6:30 to 10:30. For a $10 donation you can come play games, listen to music, and eat.

Kelly will be attending Northeastern University in the fall, where she will study biochemistry and computer science and pursue her goal of one day working in the field of cancer research. Congratulations and good luck to you, Kelly!