Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Read This Book, You'll Be Hooked!

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T.J. and His Cheat Sheet

On the way to school, T. J. shows Stacey a cheat sheet he has made. They are both in Mama's class. Stacey rips it up, but T. J. makes another one at lunch. During the test, he takes it out, and as Mama approaches, he passes it to Stacey. Stacey takes the blame because his honor won't let him tell on T. J.

The White Kid Bus

In late October, the rainy season starts. The children are furious that the white children's school bus continues to splash them with mud. Fastidious Little Man is especially frustrated. Stacey comes up with a plan. At recess, they go out to the road with shovels, and dig out a hole that is soon filled with rain. That afternoon, the bus is stuck in the washout that results. Repairs will take weeks. The children are deliciously happy.

Papa Gets Hurt

While Papa is repairing a sabotaged wagon wheel, a truck pulls up and fires--a bullet grazes his head. Then the horse rears up in fright and pulls the wagon wheel over Papa's leg, because Stacey cannot hold the horse back. L. T. makes short work of the men, who turn out to be the Wallaces, breaking Dewberry Wallace's back.