Parts Of Speech

which one stays? which one goes?


I personally think that adjectives should stay because if we didn't have adjectives we couldn't see the emotion. Lets say that the boy smiled happily, now if we take out happily we couldn't tell how he smiled. This goes for everything that needs emotion to it. Like lets say the runner ran swiftly, now take out swiftly. Then it would just say the runner ran, but how did he run. This is why i think adjectives should stay, but i have one more reason. If adjectives weren't invented the world would be the most boring place in the universe. Now that is why adjectives should stay.

Chase Kleinhelter


- Joyfully

- Happily

- swiftly

- Spectacular

- Magnificent

- Theatrical

- Zippy

- Trite

- Upbeat

- satisfying