Pastor William Nkea

Respiratory Therapist

A Man of Language

Pastor William Nkea is a man who can speak a number of languages. His country of origin recognizes English and French as their national languages, giving Pastor William the opportunity to study French in school. Along with being able to speak English and French fluently, he is also fluent in German and is able to speak four African languages. This ability to speak a number of languages has helped Pastor William in his role as Senior Pastor at Christian Victory Chapel in Grand Prairie, Texas where there are currently 16 different nationalities in attendance.

Pastor William Nkea on How to Volunteer Wisely

Pastor William Nkea is a man of faith that has spent his adult life volunteering his time to help those in need. With a compassionate heart, he strives to enact social change through his volunteering and believes that everyone has the ability to bring about a change in the social inequalities if they would only volunteer their time to helping those less fortunate. For those that wish to volunteer, but who may be unsure how to choose the right opportunity, Pastor William Nkea provides the following guidelines.

Research the Causes that are Important to You

Volunteer with an organization that works with issues that are important to you. You may already be giving money to the organization, which will make it a great place for you to start your volunteer experience.

Consider the Skills You Have to Offer

Many volunteer opportunities may require you to have previous experience so you can jump right into volunteering without having to train in order to prepare for the assignment. Look for an opportunity that can utilize the skills that you already have from a job or a hobby.

Don't Overcommit Your Schedule

Make sure that the hours that you want to volunteer, fit into your schedule. Don't overcommit yourself to the point of exhaustion, which may lead to shortchanging the organization you are trying to help, or interfering with your job or family activities.

The most important thing according to Pastor William Nkea is to always bring your heart to your volunteer service. What you'll get back from volunteering your time will be immeasurable.

Pastor William Nkea Offers Tips For Speaking in Public

Pastor William Nkea is a dynamic and energetic speaker. His captivating speeches and powerful sermons have made him a highly sought-after speaker for conferences that take place across the country. His energy on stage has led to many conference attendees to approach him and seek his advice on giving speeches to large audiences. Here are Pastor William's tips for speaking in public.

Tell Great Stories

Telling interesting stories that have a lesson to learn in them are great for keeping audiences captivated. Opening up about yourself or someone you know instantly creates a connection with the audience.

Don't Read Your Presentation

Forget the note cards, and make sure you're not reading from your laptop. If you have to have cues, use a PowerPoint presentation as an aide. Practice your presentation and know what you're talking about.

Don't Rely Solely on Stats and Quotes

People didn't come to hear you spout stats that they could have easily looked up themselves, and they didn't pay money to hear what other people had to say about the subject. Share new information with the audience along with your own insights about the subject.

Bring Energy

You don't have to be a high-energy individual, but you don't want to walk simply out on the stage and stand in one spot for your entire speech. Move around on the stage, have confidence when you speak, and engage with the audience.

Be Yourself

The more you try to act like someone you're not while you are on stage, the more your audience will see right through you. Acting like yourself will make you seem more confident helping the audience relate to you better.