Second Grade Rock Stars

Tour News!

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Next on tour: Upcoming Events

Coming on Tour Soon:

  • 09/09: Bingo Night
  • 09/22: Chilli Cook-Off on the Pebblewood Campus (Click HERE to learn more)
  • 09/28: Parents Go To School Night (5:45-8:00 pm)
  • 10/03-10/07: No School
  • 10/13: WCS Governance Meeting at 5:00pm on the Pebblewood Campus
  • 10/13: WCS Board Meeting at 6:30pm on the Pebblewood Campus
  • 10/14: Spirit Day: Decades Day
  • 10/22: Fall Festival (2:00pm-6:00pm on the Del Paso Campus)
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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

What an amazing time we have been having! We've traveled across the country, met a real-life scientist, became math game experts, learned about mistakes, read to someone, and even practiced some refocusing and calming strategies.

How did we travel across the country? Well, we did a Live Mystery Google Hangout with Mrs. Walker's second-grade class to find out where in the world they are. We asked questions looking on the map and narrowing down from continents to states, where they might live. They guessed our state and we guessed their state correct after a lot of narrowing down. We found out that they live in Birmingham, Alabama! They shared a few facts about where they live and so did we. What a quick and fantastic lesson in geography and a great way to meet other second graders. We hope to meet many other people around the world this year and open our eyes to the rest of the world and to different cultures!

We also met a REAL-LIFE Scientist! Professor Ramones is a biologist that studies bats. She shared all about her job and what it takes to be a scientist. Several students were surprised by several things...that Professor Ramones was a girl, she wasn't wearing a lab coat because most of her work is in the field - not in a lab, and that she also is a mom. We learned how she finds animals, collects data, and she even shared how she got into her profession/job. We learned a lot from our expert! She shared that scientists are always asking questions and wondering, that they observe the world around them, and that they even use math in their job! There are now a few students who are changing their career goals to scientists! This week we can wait to do some matter experiments! We looking forward to showing that we can use tools like a scientist and process information using the scientific method!

We also have been growing a tremendous amount in reading! We have grown our reading stamina, learned and practiced reading with someone, sharing with our Reading Buddy about the books we are reading, and learning new strategies to be successful as a reader. Check out the pictures below of our EEKK reading (Elbow-Elbow, Knee-Knee, Book in the middle so we both can read).

We've been doing great at Math Workshop. We are already beginning to learn at our levels and being challenged at our own level! It is so amazing to see students express their excitement about learning and practicing math. We've also been doing a fantastic job of math talks. Students are expressing what strategies they are using to find the answer and picking up all kinds of strategies from each other! We have found that it is really helpful to know our partners to ten and our doubles! These are great strategies to move away from counting on and begin to tackle problems quickly.

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How Can you promote a growth mindset?

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Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Place Value (the value of a digit) and Adding Strategies (counting, doubles, making a ten, and doubles +1).

Reading: Building Stamina and Beginning Reading Strategies,

Writing: Seed Idea, Writing from the Heart, Super Sentences

Language: Capitals, Proper Nouns, Ending Punctuation, Verbs, and Apostrophes for Possessive

Social Studies: Matter and Scientific Method

Spelling: Silent e at the end (Spelling Word List and Challenge Word List)

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Questions to ask your child...

  • Why are making mistakes important to learning?
  • Why do we read and what should we ask ourselves or others as they are reading?
  • What is your favorite part of Math Workshop?
  • What are some things that scientists do?
  • Can you teach me the "starfish" strategy to calm myself or how to "zip up" to refocus?
  • What do you like most so far about mix-it-up at lunch time?
  • Can you solve the school-wide Math Monday problem? Click Here to get to it!

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