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May 2023 Edition

Ending Strong!

Our students have so much to be proud of this year. As we complete the end of year assessments, we are excited to see the growth they have achieved. As we get closer to the end of the year, we impress upon our students that there is still more learning to do to prepare them for the next grade level.

One new way that we are working to prepare for the next school year is by organizing a "Level Up Day." On May 16th, students will go to the next grade level for the 2023-2024 school year for the day. This allows us the chance to have a test run of our proposed schedules and identify flaws or tweaks for improvement. Students will be able to practice routines and procedures, as well as begin building relationships with teachers and other classmates. Please note that class lists and teacher assignments will not be official or final until the start of the 23-24 school year. Summer challenge packet will be sent home for enrichment activities over the summer as well.

As we wrap up the school year, I would like to say a word of thanks to all our families for the support you provide your child(ren) everyday. The partnerships we, as a staff, have with you makes a huge impact on the overall success of our students. We are excited to end this year stronger than ever, and hope to see you as we celebrate the successes of our students this May!


Mrs. Taylor

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TeacherAppreciation Week - May 8 - 12

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Q4 Learning Celebrations

Our Quarter 4 learning celebrations will utilize a different format to allow for a more personalized experience as we end the school year.

Kindergarten & 5th grade will host in person awards ceremonies as they reach milestones of completing the first and last grade of our school.

May 25: Grades PK, 1 - 4 will host classroom celebrations and stream via TEAMS for parents to join live. Teachers will share the TEAMS link with parents of students receiving an award in advance.

May 25: PTO will help our students celebrate learning with 9 Week's Treats after lunch time, too!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Theiss made the Klein news with the Outdoor Learning Center Re-dedication last month! We are so thankful for the partnerships this project has fostered amongst families, community partners and our students.

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Congrats to our Theiss Choir for their performance in the KISD Choir/Orff Festival!

They did such an outstanding job! Thank you parents for sharing your students with us a little early each Monday morning so that we have the opportunity for experiences such as this. We are all so proud of our students for their hard work and dedication to choir this year.

Attendance Basics & Updates

We have made such improvements on our daily attendance this year, but are still falling shy of our goal of 97%. Our attendance rate is factored into our overall campus grade each year, and we still have time to increase our rate.

How can you help?

  • Bring your child to school every day. Even though this is the last month of school, it is still important for your child to attend school each day.
  • Monitor your child when he/she is not feeling well and keep them home if significant symptoms such as fever or vomiting.
  • Schedule routine medical visits outside of school hours or during the summer.
  • When returning to school from a medical appointment, send a doctor's note with your child.

Process for Reporting Absences: All parent notes regarding absences must be either handwritten or reported using Skyward Family Access. Visit this link for directions on how to report an absence through the Skyward Family Access app and through the web application. You can also use Skyward Family Access to report an early dismissal request. Truancy letters are automatically generated after 3 unexcused absences in a short period of time. Please make sure to send notes through Skyward Family Access to ensure your child's absences are excused.
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Early Dismissals

If you know that your child will need to leave school early, please send a note with your child the morning of the early dismissal or submit a request through Skyward Family Access. Office staff will give your child an early dismissal pass to ensure students and teachers know what time he/she needs to report to the office so he/she is ready for pick-up. Any student waiting for more than 15 minutes will be sent back to the instructional setting until the parent arrives. Parents are required to come in and sign the child out before he/she will be allowed to leave the school. Any early dismissal requests after 2:30 may be delayed due to the start of the campus dismissal procedures.

Legal Paperwork Updates

If you have legal paperwork regarding your child's custody arrangement or regarding people who need to have restricted access to your child, please bring the original document with the judges signature to the office so we can make a copy to retain in your child's cumulative record. We follow all the legal requirements of court ordered documents, and are able to fully comply best when we have the records on file.
Notes from the Nurse!

Please check out updates from the clinic. Many resources are shared in this document, including information regarding birthday snacks.


We love to celebrate birthdays with your child and will work hard to make it a special day for them at school!

However, sending invitations to school to pass out will not be allowed. Instructional time cannot be used to support or promote private social events such as birthday parties.

At this time, we will not be accepting birthday treat bags. If you would like to arrange for an edible treat to be shared for your child's birthday during the lunch period, please follow the KISD protocols and begin the process 2 weeks in advance. No food brought up to the office will be allowed without going through this process. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents Lunch Visitors!

As many of you know, we are growing as a student body, and space is limited for the many visitors that we have on a regular basis during lunch. To help ensure we have adequate space for our visitors, we assign designated days for visitor lunches. We will utilize the following schedule:

Tuesday: PK, 1st, 3rd

Wednesday: Kinder, 4th

Thursday: 2nd, 5th

We will continue to allow visitors to eat with students on their birthday. If your child's birthday was over the weekend, visitors can use Monday or Friday to eat with your child for their birthday.

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ROAR Core Values

Moving into April and May, we will be reviewing all the ROAR values and focusing on celebrating students who exhibit these qualities during the school day. As our students are noticed for showcasing one of our core values consistently, teachers can nominate students for a special Core Value Connoisseur award. Be on the lookout for these to come home in the coming months!

Important Events

Coming Soon:

May 8 - 12 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8 Kona Ice Reward - Big Kahuna 11:30 - 3:00

May 11 KISD Art Show - KMPC 4-7

May 12 Kinder Program & Learning Celebration, BUGZ 9:30 AM

May 15 FIIZ Spirit Night

May 16 Level Up Day + 5th Grade CPR class

May 17 Seatbelt Safety Day

May 25 Learning Celebrations

May 26 Fifth Grade Appreciation & Last Day of School

Save the Date:

Summer School, by invitation only - June 5-8 and 12-15; 8 - 12

TBD School Supply Sale

TBD Meet the Teacher

Aug. 9th First Day of School

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